Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Trip to Washington... Weddings and other family fun

Well, we just came home from a fun trip to Washington.  My brother Alex was getting married so the whole clan made it up there to celebrate with them.  We left on Valentine's Day which meant that Logan missed his school party, but his Papa and Grandma stopped by before we left and dropped off some cute Valentines presents {stuffed animal & candy}.  Our flight out was later in the day so Donald was able to catch a few hours of sleep before we headed to the airport.  My sister Kelli met us there and we arrived in Washington at 8pm.  Liam did so well for his first time on the plane.  He slept through the entire flight!  My brothers Jordan and Blake picked us up and then we headed home to wait for my parents and Alex and Chelsea who were at the temple.   

On Friday {2/15}, we were busy getting all the last minute items ready for the wedding {ie: shoes for my outfit}.  My mother, sister Kelli, Liam and myself ran around the entire town looking for shoes and makeup and anything else that a girl needs to get all dolled up.  While we were out, we just happened to run into the Weiner Mobile!  Who wouldn't want a photo op with a giant hot dog?!  That night was the rehersal dinner/family gathering for our family and Chelsea's family.  We had a baked potato bar, wore name tags with our relationship to the married couple and even watched as Alex and Chelsea played a version of the "Almost" Newlywed Game. 

 On Saturday morning {2/16}, Donald and I, along with my parents, were able to see my brother marry his wife for time and eternity at the Columbia River Temple.  I love going to the temple and to be there with my parents to see my brother marry his best friend was even more special.  The reception was held at my parents church building and was beautiful.  It was great to see cousins, my Grandma Thomason {who lives in Seattle}, and old friends from when we lived in Washington.  After the reception, we returned to my parents house and visited with friends that flew in for the wedding.  
Sunday {2/17}, Donald and my sister Kelli returned home.  I decided to stay a little longer with the boys.  We literally did nothing all day except eat, watch tv, and reminise.  
Monday and Tuesday were pretty much the same... watching movies, eating and just relaxing. Alex and Chelsea returned from their honeymoon.  Chelsea had to be back for school on Tuesday so we were able to chat with them and see the gifts that they received.
Wednesday {2/20}, Logan, Liam and myself met up with our friends Katie, Stephen, and Emily for lunch at Subway.  
Thursday {2/21}, our last day, we went to Katie's house so that the boys could play together.  They had a blast!  They really wanted to play longer but we had to get back home.  We left their house and met up with my family at the bowling alley.  Logan was super excited to bowl.  We had a great time and even played some games in the arcade and won some prizes.
Friday {2/23} was the day we left.  My mother was able to come with us to drop us off and Chelsea even stopped by to say goodbye! {Logan was super excited to see her} The boys did pretty well for the long trip home.  Liam slept on both flights the entire time and Logan slept the entire second leg of the flight. 
All in all it was great to see my family.  I'm happy that Chelsea has joined this crazy gang.  Love you guys!


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