Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Funny Things Kids Do to Stay Awake!

For some reason these past couple of days Logan has been trying his hardest to stay awake... here is his latest attempt at trying to stay awake!

*oh and everytime I would laugh, he would keep doing it!

Happy Birthday, William!

Logan's cousin, William, had his birthday this week and Logan and I went with Becky and Will to Disneyland to celebrate his birthday. It was a pretty warm day, but they still had fun. How can you not have fun at Disneyland? This was mine and Logan's last time at Disneyland for the summer. William seemed to have a lot of fun and the boys loved hanging out together. Happy Birthday, William!

(waiting for the tram)

(driving his first car)

(looking for Nemo)

(Finally getting some time with Mickey Mouse!)

Landon comes to play!

One of my girlfriends (Kerstin Wimmer) didn't have a sitter to watch her son when she had to go to work, so she gave me a ring and I was more than happy to watch Landon. Kerstin and I were actually due on the same day, but she decided to go into labor early so Logan and Landon are 15 days apart. They loved playing with eachother and I think it was one of our quieter days. Landon is more than welcome to come over anytime... you too, Kerstin!