Saturday, June 19, 2010

A trip to the Beach + Will's Birthday Party

My mother-in-law, Carrie, had the day off, so we decided to take all the grandkids to the beach! The day started off very early {7am!} so that we could drop off Megan {Donald's sister} at work and pick up 2 of the grandkids in Valencia. From there, we went to Albertsons to pick up some food for the beach and then made our way to Zuma Beach. We arrived around 9:45am, which was pretty early, and the weather was a little overcast. The kids ran right to the water and played to their little hearts content! Even Logan got in the water and played {which he rarely does!}. Once they got out of the water {around 11am} they were cold and hungry. So we had lunch and let them warm up a bit... some were ready to leave and others did not want to go. So we gave them another half hour to play in the water... that half hour turned into almost 2 hours! We finally left the beach around 2pm and headed towards Burbank. The day was also Will's 5th birthday, so we were going back to his house for a BBQ. The food was very good and all the kids loved playing together. It was a great day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jaren & Rebecca get married!

Yesterday, May 12th, my uncle Jaren married his fiance, Rebecca. They were sealed in the Los Angeles Temple and later there was a reception held in Victorville. Since I was the "master of ceremonies", I had to keep everything moving. I had to make sure that the dance, cake cutting and bouquet & garter toss, were on schedule {which they were not due to the bride & groom being late from arriving from the temple}. It was a simple and small reception. Congrats again to Jaren & Rebecca!!!

Logan "caught" the garter & really enjoyed being next to me and the mic... he especially loved singing for the "first dance". ☺

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cousins come to visit!

Last night, on our way home from the Dodger game, Donald's sister {Megan} asked if I could watch her kids the next morning. She needed to head to San Bernadino to take a class for work. I said sure. I had completely forgotten that it would be a Saturday and I would have all four kids! Logan LOVES playing with his cousin "RO-RO" {Rosalie}. So Saturday morning, bright and early at 6am, I woke up... they showed up around 6:30am. Luckily, Logan stayed asleep until almost 8am which allowed everyone to stay quiet and calm... but that did not last long with 5 kids! ☺ The first thing I did was let them take a bath. {Especially since today was going to be a hot one and who doesn't like sitting in a pool of water?} Logan, Rosalie, and Lilly took one together and Rex and Kohen shared their bath time. I let both groups stay in until the water started to get cold. Then they all got out, got dressed, brushed/flossed their teeth and played in our playroom. They destroyed that playroom! After awhile of playing, we decided to color. I let them each have 2 blank sheets of paper {our printer is out of ink so I couldn't print anything out.} and let them use their imaginations. After coloring was a snack and more playing in the playroom. It was still pretty cool in our house so things were looking good. {When I had woken up this morning, the thermostat said it was 80 degrees! I quickly turned on our swamp cooler to get it down to 76.} Then we {I} used our noggins again and created a fort. Actually, 2 of them. The kids loved it but it started to get warm again. ☺ Finally, it was time for lunch and what else do 4 kids want on a hot summer day to eat..... chicken noodle soup! NO JOKE! So, I made the soup, got the cold drinks out and gave them crackers for their soups. I was going to feed Lilly some baby food, but by the time I got to her, she had fallen asleep. She was worn out! When lunch was over, the kids sat around and either played more calmly in the playroom or watched Shrek 3. By 2pm, Donald returned home from work and brought some play-dough, and the coloring pages that I had emailed him. The kids were very excited. Needless to say, they sat at the table for almost an hour and a half playing with that play-dough! Around 3:30pm, we received a knock on the door... it was Megan! She had told me she would not be home until 6pm, so we still had plenty for the kids to do & I was planning on taking them to the park to tire them out. Little Rex was a little sad that his mom had arrived early, but I gave him all the craft stuff {paper, instruction, etc.} to take home and do with his mom. He was quite happy with that response. They packed into their car and drove off. Logan came in & told me he wanted to go "nite-nite" so he then layed on the couch & fell asleep watching TV. It was great having the kids here and Logan playing with them.

Dodgers & Doughnuts!

A couple of weeks back, Donald received 2 season ticket seats to a Dodger game. Last night was the night of the tickets, so we made our way down there. It was 70's night, so everything was themed like this. They had Barry Williams {Greg Brady} sing the National Anthem and on the monitors they would show the players in 70's gear. It was pretty funny. Also, there were a few fans dressed in 70's gear. Donald & I took Logan with us too since he is always saying he wants to see a baseball game, and not just any baseball game, a Dodger game! This kid is way too into sports, but I love it! We had left around 5pm thinking that we would hit traffic since there is always traffic near Dodger Stadium and it was a Friday night, but we were pleasantly wrong. We made it to the Stadium with an hour to spare. Also, since we were one of the first 20,000 visitors, we received a poster! {Lucky us, right?!} We were going to leave it or give it away, but Logan insisted on having it. The game was great. Logan did pretty well {for a 2 & a half year old}. He did keep saying that it was his turn to go on the field and play baseball. {Which was really cute.} Also, Donald and I had to take turns to take him near the concessions to walk around. He cheered and clapped and danced throughout the game, so I think that it was a success!
The view from our seats {Logan actually took the night-time picture, no joke!}
The 3 of Us! & The poster that Logan received.

Since the Dodgers were ahead, we decided to leave with one inning left {so that we could miss the mass exodus of cars!}. Logan was pretty excited for the game still, but he was still persistent that it was his turn. haha. Since yesterday was National Doughnut Day, we hit up a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on our way home. {I mean after all, it was on the way home.} We got our free doughnuts and bought a dozen glazed donuts for later. Logan was pretty sleepy, so luckily the sugar didn't kick in much on our way home. He had fallen asleep with an hour to drive home. The game was great, but the doughnuts were the icing on the {donut} cake! {Krispy Kreme has donut cakes for birthdays, etc. I told Donald that was what I wanted for my next birthday cake. ☺}Logan in his sugar coma/exhausted state on our way home.

In addition to the free poster, they had Miller girls standing around passing out the fan fingers. Logan took 2!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

This past weekend was a busy one. Luckily, Donald had the whole weekend off {which NEVER happens}. On Saturday, we headed to Zuma Beach to soak up some rays. I have been waiting for the weather to warm up so that we can go to the beach and Saturday was our day. Rebecca {Donald's sister} met us down there with her 2 kids, Bella & Will. Also, since I would be close to my old stomping grounds, I invited a friend from High School {Elaina} to meet us down there too. Elaina is 7 months preggers so it was great to see her, the baby bump and finally meet her husband. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We stuck around for a few hours after Becky and her kids left. {We were there for about 5-6 hours, which was pure heaven!}

This is the only picture I took of Logan at the beach...

On Sunday, Donald's parents were throwing an early Memorial Day celebration so we made our way for some BBQ and swimming. It was another great day, weather wise {especially for the AV~ little to no wind!}. The grandkids had a blast playing with each other in the spa and just being wet. I sat around with the girls and chatted while Donald sat inside with his dad and Uncle Billy playing the Wii.

On Monday, we headed to our local movie theatre to watch the new Shrek 4 movie. Logan has been talking about it FOR-EV-ER so I finally took him. First we headed to Walmart and bought some candy{so much cheaper!} and then grabbed some Taco Bell for lunch. Logan enjoyed the movie so much that he fell asleep about an hour into it. ☺ {Which was fine because the movie is only 90 minutes long.}

All in all, it was a pretty eventful weekend!