Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

This year for Easter, we decided to visit both families. It was a long day to say the least... We began the day by Logan waking up at 7am, yes, 7am! He just wanted to lay in bed, awake and wake up both Donald and myself. Donald tried to get him out of our bed to search the family room for Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny had left. Logan's reply to Donald was to just agree with him and stay under the nice warm covers. That kid is too smart! Finally, he made it out of bed and saw the eggs and his basket. He gathered the eggs that were scattered for him to find and then sat with his basket. He was so cute and I love him at this age. {Although I now realized that he can no longer come shopping with me when I go shopping with the "Easter Bunny". He remember that I had bought it.}
After breakfast, we headed to my Grandparents house in Victorville for "dinner" in between the 2 sessions of Conference. My aunt & uncle and their 9 kids were there from San Diego, so there were plenty of kids for Logan to play with. In fact, I think that it may have been a little overwhelming for him. He came around to playing and making noise with the rest of them pretty quickly. I loved being with my family. Chatting and sharing stories with each other. Most of all I love laughing with them. Being the oldest grand-daughter is kind of a bummer for me, but now I no longer have to sit at the kiddie table. I have a son the same age/older than some of my cousins... odd. :) Lunch was Delicious! Ham, green beans, potatoes, crescent rolls, chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy treats... I was so full! We decided to leave around 3:30pm to make it to Donald's parents home for dinner. As we left and were driving home, the wind seemed to pick up and I had mentioned this to Donald. Come to find out that there was an earthquake and that was what we had felt. I'm just glad I wasn't inside to feel it... I hate earthquakes! {Although I will admit that I prefer them over hurricanes/tornadoes, etc. any day!}
Logan, Lantis and Janelle
When we arrived to Don & Carries, they had all just sat down to say a prayer. Perfect timing! We had steak, rice, green beans {can never get enough of those!}, Hawaiian rolls, and fresh baked apple pie! Yum!!! We sat around and talked and then we played some Wii. What's a family gathering with out a little friendly competition? :) We stayed around and played until close to 9pm and decided to head home. I was exhausted! {And obviously so was Logan because when we turned to corner to our house, he exclaimed, "yeah, our home!}
It was a great Easter.