Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Logan and the Firestation

Logan and his buddies {plus the mommies} went to our local firestation. We were able to walk around to see their kitchen, their gym, where they sleep and of course the many "fire engines" they had in the garage. Logan hopped right into the truck and sat in the seat. It was pretty funny when he put the helmet on his head. {He tried to turn his head with it on, but because it was too heavy, his head dropped to the side pretty} Of course, they all received {sticker}badges like the real firefighters and they were able to take home 2 coloring books. Logan had a great time and loves talking about his visit with the firefighters!
On a side note: Logan and his buddy, Michael were in the front seat, so I went to the front of the truck to take a picture of them at the wheel. The picture didn't turn out, so I looked down to erase it so I could capture another, and Logan took it upon himself to try to get out of the fire truck on his own. Needless to say, the drop was more than 2 feet and he landed flat on his belly. Everyones gasps were enough to scare him and he began to cry. I knew he wasn't hurt, just embarrassed, so he kept saying, "I'm fine. I'm fine", everytime someone would ask him if he was okay. I even asked him later in the day if he had fun, and his reply was: {with a sigh} "mom, I'm fine." I love this kid!♥