Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Logan meets Uncle Jorddy for the 1st time!!!

The last time I saw my brother, Jordan, was about a month before Logan was born. Two days ago Jordan called me and stated that he would be able to get together if I was available. I of course stated that I was and he drove this morning from Huntington Beach to Palmdale to see Logan and I. This was the first time that Logan would be meeting his Uncle Jorddy and in true Logan fashion he was happy to see some one new! Logan would crawl towards Jordan and would laugh and try to talk to him. It was pretty cute and Jordan would just laugh. Later that evening, Jordan wanted to visit our Uncle Fred who also lives in Palmdale. We headed over there and got to see our new cousin as well. It was a great visit and hopefully we will be able to see "Uncle Jorddy" again real soon!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dinner with Aunt Kelli

Last tuesday, I decided to go visit my sister again. I knew that she had the day off and I wasn't watching Megans kids, so it was perfect. The only down side was that she was moving from Camarillo to Woodland Hills that day. Logan and I started driving hoping that by the time we got to her new place she would be there. We were wrong... she was still in Camarillo cleaning and then her phone died. Luckily, I was able to get in contact with my friend Emily Monroy. She said that she was at the Topanga Mall which wasn't far and that I could meet her. It was great to see her! The last time that I had seen her was my wedding day, but I was crazy busy and didnt really get to talk to her. It was great to see her 2 kids as well. She has a son that is 15 days older that Logan and he's adorable! Thanks again Emily for hanging out with me while I was stranded! :)

After a couple of hours, Kelli was done and called me and we went to her new apartment. After an hour or so, we went to a mexican restaurant for dinner. Logan was doing pretty well until the last 30 minutes. He was tired but as soon as I hit the road, he fell asleep! He slept the whole drive home.

Happy Halloween!!!

Well this Halloween was anything less than boring... The day before, Don, D.J. and I all carved our pumpkins. The next morning, Donald was throwing up about every 15- 20 minutes. He went to work but came back after a few hours. That afternoon, Don became ill and didn't come out of his room the rest of the night. After trick or treating with Becky and the kids, I became ill! (Logan had been throwing up the 3 days prior to Halloween.) That night, Taylor (Sarah's daughter) was throwing up like Donald had been earlier that morning. By the next day, just about everyone in the house had been throwing up except for Carrie! Lucky girl! :)

A Day at the Park

Recently I started watching Megans kids while she goes to work. They are great kids and they are very active!!! So they enjoy going to the park and running around. I don't mind because by the time we get back home, there is always at least one child asleep!

Happy 21st Birthday, Kelli !!

Well, October 7th was my sister Kelli's birthday. Logan and I decided to meet up with her in Santa Monica for lunch and some shopping. It only took me about 1 hour to get there which was great timing. We then decided to have lunch at the Boardwalk Cafe and then walked down 3rd Street Promenade. After shopping we went on the pier and watched the ocean and went on the Ferris wheel. Logan seemed to really enjoy the waves crashing and was a little confused by the Ferris wheel. The drive home was the worst part of the entire trip. Logan was hungry and we were stopped in bumper to bumper traffic on the 10. It almost took us about 2 hour to get home. Logan loved his auntie Kelli and I am sure that we will visit her again soon!