Saturday, November 13, 2010

Disneyland Trip

Yesterday, Logan and I met up with one of my best girlfriends {Emily} and her brother {Mikey} and we visited our favorite place, DISNEYLAND!
We met up in Burbank and then carpooled together {since they live in Newbury Park/Camarillo and we live in Palmdale} and made the drive in good time. First on the list was California Adventure since neither one of them had ever been there. We picked up our fastpasses for The World of Color Show and then headed over to Toy Story Mania. Logan LOVES this ride. I actually let him have his own gun and he did pretty well. He score 16,500 points! The skills on this kid. After hitting a few more rides in California Adventure, we made our way to Disneyland.
Since Logan is now 38 inches, he was able to ride the Mater Horn! {In May when we went with my family, he was about 2 inches too short! He's growing like a weed and to think in just a few more months he will be able to go on all the rides! Yippie!} He said that it was fun but that it was too fast. haha. Then we stopped and grabbed some Fastpasses to The Haunted Mansion {decorated as the Nightmare Before Christmas}. We waited in line for Pirates and by the time we got off, we were able to walk onto the Haunted Mansion ride. After, we ate and watched the Mark Twain Boat and the Pirate ship sail around the water. Logan loves watching the ducks that wade and the canoes. We then caught the Captain EO show, which Logan was not a fan of, and hit some of the rides in Storybook Land and Fantasy Land. Sadly, in all of the many trips I have taken Logan, he had never gone on the Teacups or Dumbo. So while Emily and Mikey went on Thunder Mountain, I took Logan on these rides. After these rides, we made our way back to California Adventure to see the World of Color show. It was AMAZING and I was pretty impressed. The show is 40 minutes long and you had to stand, but it was great. Logan even liked it and I could tell that he was very tired because he was starting to rest his head on my shoulder while the show was still going. Once I put him back in his stroller, he asked me if we were going on more rides, and I said no, we were headed home. He whined a little, put his hands in his pockets and fell asleep as we were leaving the park. The poor guy never took a nap all day and was exhausted! He slept the whole way home until I went to pull him out of the car. Then he slept in till 10am this morning!
We had such a good time with Emily and Mikey and we will have to do it again!

Monday, November 8, 2010

October Updates...

So every year around this time, I am completely swamped! I totally neglect my blog, so here is the update, and I promise I will keep it updated more frequently.
On the 18th of October, Logan and I made our way to Anna & Rachel Phelans house to make some Halloween sugar cookies. The receipe made the cookie dough very sticky, so needless to say we used about a ton of flour to keep it from sticking! {not really, but you get the idea} Logan and Anna took turns choosing the cookie cutter and then pressing it into the dough, but after 5 tries, they were done and just wanted to go play. Rachel and I finished cutting the rest. When the cookies were baked and cooled, the kids came back and tried to decorate them. There was orange and white frosting, and several different sprinkles to place on the cookies. Anna didn't want to frost her cookies, she just wanted to eat the sprinkles. Logan made a mess with the sprinkles! All in all, they seemed to have a great time and the cookies were delicious! Thanks to Rachel {& Anna} for inviting us over.
Next on the list of activities was a visit to our local pumpkin patch. I decided that it would be more enjoyable if Logan had all of his cousins. We would drive past it and he would beg me to go there, so I figured might as well make it a big group. However, once we got there, Logan did not want to go on any thing! I decided to go on the very large inflatable slide with his cousins to show him that it was fine. That slide was a blast! After the slide, we went to the petting zoo part where there were chickens, rabbits, and goats. Again, I went in with Logan to feed the goats, but he was less than thrilled. Especially when they saw him holding the bowl of feed and they jumped. So I put some feed in his hand and showed him how to hold it out so that the goats could eat it. Once it was gone, he realized that their spit was all over his hand and he cried out saying no more and that he was done. So, the final stop was to let some of the older kids go on the trampoline with the bungie cords. I again, tried it. I was doing back flips and after about 10 minutes, I was ready to get off! I am either getting too old or am just way out of shape! :) As we headed out, Logan realized what was happening and cried wanting to go down the large slide. Poor kid, maybe next year.
Our ward Halloween Trunk-or-Treat Party happened on the 28th of October. Logan has been very insistant that he dress up as Freddie Krueger this year. He has such a twisted mind! He kept telling Donald and myself that "Freddie Krugie" was a nice guy and that he really liked him. So, I tried to find a "Freddie Krugie" {how Logan pronounces his name} costume and luckily the smallest size I could find was a size 8 in boys. So it was very big and I told him that we would have to get a different one. I went to our local target and found him the cutest Lion costume. It's a fully body one, so I knew that he would stay warm trick or treating on Halloween night. He agreed to it {not like he had much of a choice} and that was the end of Freddie Krueger {for now}. At the trunk or treat, Logan and Anna, of course, were very cute. They danced to the music and walked with each other from trunk to trunk collecting their candy. We had a chili and cornbread meal and some delicious desserts.
Finally, October 31st, Halloween! We went to stake conference and then went home to let Logan take a nap and eat some "normal" food prior to the consumption of sugar. Since I had to work the night prior, I wasn't able to carve pumpkins with the rest of Donald's family so I did mine on our kitchen floor 2 nights prior. Later that same day, Donald did his. We brought our pumkins over to Donald's parents house to display on their porch for the trick or treaters. Logan had colored a pumkin with his cousins the night before, so it was there too. All the kids were dressed and very very ready to go, so we headed out. Logan did quite well holding his own. He was very excited for some of the halloween music that he recognized {Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger, again, twisted mind!} and was only so so on the candy collection. Towards the middle of trick or treating, he wanted to be held and when I picked him up, he would say that his feet were really tired. So Donald carried him in between houses and then he would lug his pumpkin basket full of candy to collect his final pieces. Upon entering Donalds parents house at the end of the night, Logan wanted to dig into his candy! He was alloted only 2 pieces and started to become very cranky, so we collected every thing and headed home. He actually enjoyed trick-or-treating and the next night thought that we were doing it again. Boy was he disappointed when I told him it only happens once a year! haha.
All in all, it was a very successful start to the holiday season and I am looking forward to the months to come!