Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Update

Well... I am back to working! {Outside of the home, that is}. I had interviewed for the new Macys a couple months back and never received a call back so I thought nothing of it because I was applying for a part time job. Well, last week, they called me and hired me as a part time associate in the Women's shoe department. This actually works out great for me because I am able to go online and choose my own schedule. It is perfect! The only problems I've been having is during training. I have had to get a sitter for Logan since it is during the day, but once the store opens, I should be fine. Although he has been at Anna's house a lot, he doesn't seem to mind hanging with his {girl}friend! :) I am very excited and hope that this allows me to make a little money while Logan is still cared for. This gives me some time and allows Logan some Daddy and me time.
Besides work, we have been still attending Storytime at our local Barnes & Noble and this past Saturday, our ward had a Luau. Logan had a blast watching and dancing to the Hawaiian dancers. They were great and very cute!
On a side note: My grandmother and grandfather came down to watch Logan for me this Saturday since both Donald and I had to work. I was a little scared of how the outcome would be, but he seemed to love {great}grandma being here. She brought him a teddy bear dressed in a Halloween costume and he tells me he loves his "tiny bear". They took him to McDonalds for lunch and he talks about it and being in their car. Thank you again to Grandma & Grandpa coming down here to watch Logan. ♥

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Last night was Donald's sisters' {Sarah} birthday. Donald worked until noon that day, so it gave me some time to get things ready for Logan to stay with his {girl}friend while we went out to eat for Sarah's bday and so that I could get some homework done. We dropped Logan off around 6pm and made the drive to Valencia to meet everyone for dinner at Buca. It was an Italian restaurant where their portions were very large. We had a blast eating, chatting and laughing. It was very loud in the restaurant which was hard at times to hear everything, but it was a blast! We left a little late to pick up Logan, and when we arrived he was still awake looking out the window, waiting for us. That kid... He didn't take a nap all day so I was very surprised that he was still awake. As we drove home, he said he had fun and was happy that mom and dad came back to get him. lol. The kid didn't even fall asleep until 11pm that night! It was a great day and again Happy Birthday Sarah!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Other happenings....

Well, I completely forgot to blog about Logan's friends', Brittany, birthday party. It was very cute & simple. They had a water theme and all the kids loved being in the water. Especially since it was really hot outside. {100 degrees or more}. They had an inflatable pool filled to the rim with water, and a water toy that attached to the hose and shooted water. Also, they enjoyed being in the swings and relaxing. For lunch, they had pizza, watermelon, grapes and for dessert, cute ice cream cone cupcakes. Logan had a blast and still talks about Brittany's pool.

If you look closely on the last picture... you can see that Logan was trying to help blow out the candles... :P
In addition to school starting up again for me, I have been attending the YMCA. I received 3 1-week trial passes to try out the facility and I have been taking Logan since they have a child care program while I go to classes. The first time I tried to attend a pilates class and that failed miserably due to Logan having a melt down & saying "I want you mommy!". So I pretty much stayed the entire time and realized that the class had ended so I took him and we went swimming instead. The next day, he did much better. They actually came into my class and said that I was more than welcome to go work out in the gym after my class because he was doing so well. I was exhausted after my class {it was called "on the ball" and was all sorts of exercises using the balance ball... I'm still sore!} so I just took him home which was fine because I had my visiting teacher coming over. I enjoy the me time and being able to work out feels so good. Hopefully I will become a member and will be able to attend more often.

Toddler Storytime

Every Tuesday, Barnes & Noble has a Toddler Storytime. Since the summer movie deals are over {$1 for old movies @ 10am}, I needed to look for something else cheap to do for Logan. Storytime was perfect! So I let Logan's friends know {actually their mothers} and we all met at Barnes & Noble. {Of course, I was running a little late, weird, right?}. Logan seemed to like it until I left him in the front where the other kids were sitting so that I could sit with the other parents in the back. He had a melt down and was searching for me. So he stayed pretty close to me after that. What was funny was that the boys stayed with mommy while the girls were fine listening to the story with the other kids. There were a lot of kids... but all in all they seemed to enjoy themselves. They sang some songs, read a story, walked around pretending to be a "choo-choo" train and then colored a picture based on the book and received a stamp on their picture and hand. Logan was very excited and we may go back next Tuesday... hopefully there will not be SO many kids! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Well, in case you hadn't heard, there were some fires out here in Palmdale. They were only about 1 mile away from our house. Needless to say, it smelled and was very VERY smokey here for a couple days. Thankfully, the firefighers were there to calm it down before any major damage was done. Here are a few pics that we took just driving around town trying to run some errands. {And for some reason, Donald decided that it was a good idea to drive his wife and 2 yr old son as close to the flames as possible... as if we couldn't smell it from INSIDE our house. lol.}

Baby-sitting, Babysitting, & more {you guessed it} babysitting!

These past 2 weeks have been very busy for me... I've been babysitting like crazy! I almost feel like a teenager again, except this time, I'm not getting paid. :) The past 2 weeks, I watched Donalds' sister's {Megan} kids. All 4 of them! That's right, so I had 5 kids in my tiny home {with out a yard} all under the age of 7. Logan LOVED having his cousins show up at 6am. Of course, his cousins were exhausted and tired and would go right back to sleep, but not Logan. Needless to say I am not, nor have I EVER, been a morning person. {4 years of early morning Seminary was plenty for me} I loved hearing Logan laughing and playing with his cousins and his cousins being here, but boy oh boy was I exhausted! I love those kids. This week, Logan is lucky enough to have his {girl}friend Anna come over 2x's this week! He just loves and kisses on her... I think she may be getting a little annoyed with him, but he tells me {after I tell him to stop} that he loves her. It's very cute & sweet. Oh, and to top it all off, I'm back in school. So I've been up late hours working on school work. {Now being a nite owl, I can handle. }
Well, here is to watching the little ones, hearing them laugh and love eachother and to me hopefully getting some sleep. :) {someday}