Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Update

Well... I am back to working! {Outside of the home, that is}. I had interviewed for the new Macys a couple months back and never received a call back so I thought nothing of it because I was applying for a part time job. Well, last week, they called me and hired me as a part time associate in the Women's shoe department. This actually works out great for me because I am able to go online and choose my own schedule. It is perfect! The only problems I've been having is during training. I have had to get a sitter for Logan since it is during the day, but once the store opens, I should be fine. Although he has been at Anna's house a lot, he doesn't seem to mind hanging with his {girl}friend! :) I am very excited and hope that this allows me to make a little money while Logan is still cared for. This gives me some time and allows Logan some Daddy and me time.
Besides work, we have been still attending Storytime at our local Barnes & Noble and this past Saturday, our ward had a Luau. Logan had a blast watching and dancing to the Hawaiian dancers. They were great and very cute!
On a side note: My grandmother and grandfather came down to watch Logan for me this Saturday since both Donald and I had to work. I was a little scared of how the outcome would be, but he seemed to love {great}grandma being here. She brought him a teddy bear dressed in a Halloween costume and he tells me he loves his "tiny bear". They took him to McDonalds for lunch and he talks about it and being in their car. Thank you again to Grandma & Grandpa coming down here to watch Logan. ♥

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La Vita Bella said...

I'm glad Logan and Anna have had more time together. It's given Anna more desire to wear his shoes and backpack and your sunglasses! :) Let me know if you want me to watch him again while you're working.