Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby-sitting, Babysitting, & more {you guessed it} babysitting!

These past 2 weeks have been very busy for me... I've been babysitting like crazy! I almost feel like a teenager again, except this time, I'm not getting paid. :) The past 2 weeks, I watched Donalds' sister's {Megan} kids. All 4 of them! That's right, so I had 5 kids in my tiny home {with out a yard} all under the age of 7. Logan LOVED having his cousins show up at 6am. Of course, his cousins were exhausted and tired and would go right back to sleep, but not Logan. Needless to say I am not, nor have I EVER, been a morning person. {4 years of early morning Seminary was plenty for me} I loved hearing Logan laughing and playing with his cousins and his cousins being here, but boy oh boy was I exhausted! I love those kids. This week, Logan is lucky enough to have his {girl}friend Anna come over 2x's this week! He just loves and kisses on her... I think she may be getting a little annoyed with him, but he tells me {after I tell him to stop} that he loves her. It's very cute & sweet. Oh, and to top it all off, I'm back in school. So I've been up late hours working on school work. {Now being a nite owl, I can handle. }
Well, here is to watching the little ones, hearing them laugh and love eachother and to me hopefully getting some sleep. :) {someday}

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Christine said...

You are one busy woman!!! What fun for Logan!