Friday, July 16, 2010

So the past couple days, we have been like fish! We are LIVING in the water. I'm not complaining at all {considering our temperature here as been triple digits for the past couple days) but ever since the 4th of July incident, I have been wanting to make sure that Logan is not afraid of the water. Yesterday, in my in-laws pool, I made sure to show him the basics of swimming and with some help of a floaty vest, he moves around the pool! He loves it! Next step, swimming lessons minus the vest! Hooray!


Christine said...

He's surely headed for the Olympics!

Jake & Rachel said...

Go Logan! We're about to start swim lessons too...Brynn is not as enthusiastic about swimming. She likes to sit in a todder ring and just float around, haha. I'm impressed with Logan's skills though!