Thursday, July 15, 2010

Logan & His Friends

The past 2 days, Logan has had some fun play dates with his buddies from Nursery. On Tuesday, we met everyone at the movie theaters for the $1 summer movie. The movie we saw was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was a cute movie that Logan loved {he would repeat every food that fell from the sky}. The kids seemed to do pretty well. After the movie, we let them run around the arcade. Logan LOVES the games and begs to see the games before, during & after the movie.
On Wednesday, I decided to invite the gang over for swimming. {Considering it was 104 degrees that day, it seemed like the easiest way to cool down.} The kids enjoyed jumping in and Michael & Brittany loved floating using their life-vests. Anna loved holding on to her pink "boat" {noodle} and splashing. Logan just loved getting in, my holding him, and running over to play with the dog, Roxy that he talks about constantly! The kids got out after about 1-2 hours of swimming to eat & then were very excited to get back in. Soon after, everyone was starting to get tired and were melting down. Once everyone left, I took Logan back to play with Roxy and to let her off the leash to roam around the yard again. {We tied her up to a tree to make sure she didn't jump on the kids or jump in the pool with the kids in there.} Logan loves his buddies from nursery, and they seem to get along pretty well.


Cecily said...

That's funny that Logan wants to see the games before, during, and after movies...haha!

Rachel Phelan said...

Such cute pictures! I'm so glad you bring your camera with you. I used to be like that, until we bought a big camera. I love the one with all four of them holding hands, so cute! Thanks for setting up some fun play dates. :)