Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Logan and Kristin visit Emily

So yesterday, I had a day off and I wanted to see my friend Emily at her house in Camarillo. I really don't mind the drive, and I just miss the area. It brings back memories of growing up whenever I drive through Ventura County. So the first stop was to pick up Emily at her place. Then we headed to the Camarillo Outlet Mall to eat. We went to Johnny Rockets. I have not been there in years! So it was very funny to see Logan's reaction when the waiters started dancing. He started to wiggle with them and even tried to sing the song! This kid is all about dancing and singing and music in general. After lunch, we did some shopping and then headed to see the movie Tangled. It was very cute and actually kept Logan's attention! {I think that it was due to the music.} After a quick stop to the restroom {Logan drank the enitre soda, on his own!} we headed to Target. I did a little shopping and then we drove to Chuys for dinner. Emily's husband Nick met us there and we were able to chat and watch Monday Night Football. Logan was so tired that as soon as I hit the 101, he was out! I love visiting my best friend and I hate being so far away... someday we will be closer so our visits won't be so far in between.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2010

This Christmas Eve was a busy one. The night prior, I had to work, until 1am! So I was exhausted the next morning. We woke up early and got ready to head down to my Grandparents house in Victorville. I love being able to spend time with my Grandparents. This year they also gave Logan 2 gifts... he was super excited to open them. So he did... he received a remote control Smart Car from my Grandfather and a wooden train set from my Grandmother. They were so thoughful and he loves them. After spending a few hours and hanging out with family, we made the trip from Victorville to Valencia to spend the rest of the evening with Donald's father's side of the family. Santa came to visit the kids again, and Logan was thrilled to see him and get more presents. There were so many kids it was chaos trying to let them all unwrap their presents at the same time. Logan loved his guitar and dumptruck. After the adults playing their gift exchange game {Donald got cash and I got a gift certificate to the Olive Garden}, we headed home to make sure that Logan was in bed before Santa arrived. Logan almost stayed awake the whole way home, but knocked out about 20 minutes away only to wake up as soon as we got home. We had to put him back to sleep and I was able to sneak a picture of what Santa had left for the next morning...

On Christmas morning, I was tired beyond belief, but Logan was thrilled to find presents under the tree from Santa. Donald's parents came over Christmas morning to have breakfast and watch Logan open up his presents. The kid made out like a bandit! He got everything he asked for, even BIGFOOT! Clothes, cars, video games, yo gabba gabba shoes, were just to name a few of the loot he gathered Christmas morning. After Donald's parents left, we got ready for the day, and sat around and cleaned up some of the Christmas mess and then headed over to Don and Carries for dinner. All of the cousins were there {minus 1} and they had a blast playing with eachother and eachothers new toys. For dinner, we had steak, potatos, rice, hawaaiian rolls, and for dessert, apple pie with ice cream! YUM, right? I was so full by the end of the night. We were all very tired and had an amazing Christmas. We left around 8pm and I had to get into bed for work the next morning at 6am!

BTW~ Since Logan has received his Big Foot toy, he is now terrified of it! I think that he thought it was stay in the plastic case like it is at Target and never roam free in his play room. Now, Bigfoot stays "asleep & tired" in the play room.

Family Christmas

This year, the Schlicher Family Christmas party was held at Green House Cafe. It was pretty convenient for me because I had work that day and all I had to do was walk through the mall. Logan and I went there early and had to wait for Donald to get off work. We sat and ate with Donald's parents and his sister Becky. Logan was SUPER excited when Santa came to visit and give presents. His face was priceless and he was so happy to tell him what he wanted for Christmas. {Bigfoot, of course!} It was a little smaller this year, and I really missed having it at Donald's Nana & Papa's house, but maybe next year we will go back.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Well, this year, we made our way to my grandparents home in Victorville, Ca. I LOVE Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays. Seriously, you eat! What's not to love? So, the family was small in numbers this year, but it was fun to see my great-grandmother and great-uncle there. {Logan was wondering where "Grandma Kim" was and Donald told him that there had been a grandma limit & there were too many grandmothers so she couldn't make it.lol.} The food was amazing and it was great to visit with my sister Kelli. Donald, Logan and I left around 6pm, which felt like way later, but we were exhausted and I had to work the next day. So, thank you again to my grandma for cooking an amazing meal and to my family for being there. I am very thankful for my family, the Gospel in my life and for all the many blessings I have received through the years!