Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Logan and Kristin visit Emily

So yesterday, I had a day off and I wanted to see my friend Emily at her house in Camarillo. I really don't mind the drive, and I just miss the area. It brings back memories of growing up whenever I drive through Ventura County. So the first stop was to pick up Emily at her place. Then we headed to the Camarillo Outlet Mall to eat. We went to Johnny Rockets. I have not been there in years! So it was very funny to see Logan's reaction when the waiters started dancing. He started to wiggle with them and even tried to sing the song! This kid is all about dancing and singing and music in general. After lunch, we did some shopping and then headed to see the movie Tangled. It was very cute and actually kept Logan's attention! {I think that it was due to the music.} After a quick stop to the restroom {Logan drank the enitre soda, on his own!} we headed to Target. I did a little shopping and then we drove to Chuys for dinner. Emily's husband Nick met us there and we were able to chat and watch Monday Night Football. Logan was so tired that as soon as I hit the 101, he was out! I love visiting my best friend and I hate being so far away... someday we will be closer so our visits won't be so far in between.

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