Monday, May 24, 2010

Nick & Emily's Wedding

This past weekend, one of my best girlfriends {Emily Norton} FINALLY married her boyfriend of 6 years {Nick George}. It was a wonderful weekend and great wedding.
The weekend started off on Friday afternoon with Donald driving me to Canyon Country so that I could catch a ride down to Westlake with Nick's sister, Monica. Before heading to the hotel, I went with Monica to get her hair curled & I watched her sweet little boy Johnny so that she could get a break. He was a cutie! Luckily when we arrived to the hotel, the other bridesmaids, Emily and her mother were already at the hotel checking in. Her wedding & reception was being held at the Hyatt in Westlake. It was beautiful there. We only had a few hours before we had to get ready for the wedding rehearsal and dinner that night, so we quickly ran to get a few things & then got ready. The rehearsal went smoothly and then the whole gang headed to BJ's for dinner. We stuck around and chatted with everyone until 9pm, but then Emily and I headed back to our hotel room to finish some few things that needed to get done for the wedding the following night. We thought it would only be a few little things {which it was} but we were chatting away and lost track of time. Next thing we knew it was midnight! We quickly finished and got into bed. It was great because we were like teenagers again laughing and giggling over silly things.
The morning and day of the wedding was crazy! There was so much to do, we got movin! We woke up fairly early{8am} and headed down stairs to get breakfast. Then we went back to our room and finished the products that were left over from the night before. Then it was time for nails, hair and make-up. I was lucky enough to have another one of my girlfriends come over to our room so that she could do my hair and makeup. Nikki Simmons and I have been friends since grade school! It was so wonderful chatting with her and laughing together. She did an AMAZING job on my hair and make-up. Finally, at 3pm, it was time for pictures. The weather was beautiful outside and everyone looked gorgeous! Emily and Nick were so cute when they saw each other for the first time. {I admit it, I did tear up} Before we knew it, it was time to line up for the wedding ceremony. As I walked down the aisle {without my glasses-so yeah, I couldn't see far away} I saw Donald sitting there. I was happy that he had made it in time. {He had worked that day from 9-2 and had to drop off Logan at 2 different sitters before heading to the wedding.} The ceremony was short, simple and sweet.
After the ceremony, they had a cocktail hour outside on the patio. There I was able to chat with more girlfriends from high school. Carrie and Megan were both in cheerleading with me in high school. I loved their company and laughing with them and their parents. Finally, the reception started and it was a PAR-TAY! The DJ, the decorations, and all the people were great fun. I danced till Donald said that we should get home because it was getting late and the drive home was an hour. I said my good byes and we headed to pick up Logan from Donald's sisters house {Megan}.
Emily and I have been friends since I was a senior in high school and I consider her my "older sister". I love her to death and I am so happy that she not only invited us to her wedding, but asked me to me involved. I love you Emily and congrats again!
Dustin McKim {my escort} & myself.

My Girls! {Myself, Megan, and Carrie McClellan}

Myself and the beautiful bride, Emily
The wedding Couple and the old married couple
{Donald, Nick, Emily & Kristin}

Sunday, May 16, 2010

6 years... Where has the time gone?

Well, yesterday was mine and Donald's 6th year wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we dropped Logan off and Grandma & Papa's house {Donald's parents} and headed to dinner and a movie. We ate at Claim Jumpers and it was delicious! I really stuffed myself. Afterwards, we went to see the movie Robin Hood. It was a good movie. Long, but good. It was very nice to enjoy eachothers company with out the interruption of someone climbing onto the table or spilling something. On May 15th, 2004 we were married in the Los Angeles Temple for time and eternity. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. {Now the reception is a different story, that just flew by too fast. I love a party!}I am so surprised how quickly the time has gone by. What is even funnier to me is that when people ask how long we've been married, they automatically assume that we are somewhat newly weds. {I think it is because Logan is so young... yes, we waited to have kids.} When we tell them we've been together for 7 and married for 6, they seemed a little stunned.☺ I love Donald more and more everyday. I am so happy that he is the father to my child {& future children} and that he is my loving and understanding husband. I look forward to many, many, many more years with you. I love you!
One of our first dates~young single adult dance at UCLA {2003}
Our Wedding
***How we met: I had been attending a young single adult conference here in Lancaster. {I had just moved back to California from Idaho Falls, ID.} One of Donalds friends invited me to go with him to a dance in Simi Valley, so I agreed to go. I went home, changed and met with a group of other people at the Stake Center to head down as a group to the dance. For some reason, I was walking into the building {searching for someone, I don't remember} and saw Donald coming out of the building. {He remembers what he said differently than how I remember it so I will not write anything. ☺} We pretty much talked the entire time at the dance and then he asked me out. We've been together ever since... ♥

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Birthday

Seriously, there are A LOT of birthdays from March-May. This week was my mother-in-laws birthday. We celebrated by surprising her at Tokyo Steak House. {It is like a Benny Hanna's, only in Lancaster.} Donald and I got our go-to-babysitter for Logan, and drove to the restaurant. It is always fun getting together with Donald's sisters... there is a lot of talking and laughing! The food was amazing! It was nice to get away for a couple hours. Thanks to Don for paying, Christina for babysitting and Carrie for being born! ☺We love you & again, Happy Birthday!

Pictured: Don, Donald{DJ}, Kristin, Carrie, Becky, Sarah, Megan, Rex

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day, we decided to have a picnic for lunch at a local park. Sadly, the weather here in the Antelope Valley was not cooperating. It was extremely windy {which was good for flying a kite!} and cold. Once everyone arrived at the park. We let the kids run around and play some soccer. We then decided to move all the food & party to our house. {It was only 1 block away.}
We set all the food out on the counter and then dug in! The kids ate and then played in Logan's playroom. The grandkids have so fun when they get together. {They also cause a HUGE mess!} We then chit-chatted and had Carrie open her gifts. The day was capped with some yellow cake cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
I love being a mother to Logan. It means a lot that we are recognized for all the hard work that we put into our children. I look forward to having more children soon and sharing this day with them. I love my mother {& mother-in-law}! I miss my mother every day & I appreciate all of the work that she did for raising us 6 kids.
***A brief history on Mother's Day: In 1985, Ann Reeves Jarvis organized a Mother's Day Work Club in West Virginia to raise awareness of high infant mortality rate and to improve the un-sanitary conditions of delivery. In 1905, Ann died on the second Sunday of May. To recognize her mother, Anna Jarvis {one of only 4 out of 13 children that Ann gave birth to whom survived to adulthood} organized a ceremony in honor her mother. It was held on the second Sunday in May and white carnations were handed out to all mothers. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson makes Mother's Day a national holiday and is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Last Days of my Family visit... :(

The day after Disneyland, we had to take Jordan back to his house to get some clothes {luckily he only lives 15 minutes away}. From there, we strolled the boardwalk and streets of Huntington Beach. It was another great weather day. We went to a burger joint called "Bombburger" {It was similar to In-N-Out} & then window shopped. A couple of hours later, we said good-bye to Jordan and headed to the hotel that I parents had paid for near the LAX airport. It was in Hawthorne, so needless to say we stayed inside our room & had pizza delivered to the hotel. We watched T.V. and Logan got to play with my parents & siblings before they left. The next day, we packed everyone into the car, returned my parents rental car and I dropped them off at the airport. It was was to see them leave... Logan actually wanted to go on the plane with them and cried until I got to the 405. Once I started driving, he was out like a light & slept the entire way home. Since I had left around 1pm, it only took me about 2 hours to get from LAX to Palmdale! {That is usually how long I stay on the 405!}
I love having my family around. It is a bummer that they live so far away, but someday we will be closer! I love & miss you guys everyday! {See you on Skype!}


I have had a season pass to Disneyland since my birthday last year... so when Disneyland announced their "Give-a-Day Get-a-Day" program, I informed my mother and she signed up for it. They decided to use their tickets as part of their trip down here for my uncles wedding. Luckily they were able to do their day of service before the program ended {which was in March. It started January 1, 2010}. We went on a Monday, so my parents paid for 2 rooms the night before at a hotel across the street from Disneyland. So Sunday, after church, Donald, Logan & I headed to meet up with my parents at the hotel. Donald & I ate before we arrived at the hotel, but apparently my family had not... they were waiting for us before they ate. My dad wanted to visit an In-N-Out before he left, so we went on the hunt. Needless to say, we ended up way in Tustin but took the back roads to get there... it was an adventure to say the least & quite comical. The following day, my brother Jordan, sister Kelli & her husband Ernie decided that they wanted to come too. Also, my uncle Fred and 2 of his kids, Lantis & Janelle, as well as my uncle Jaren & his fiance Rebecca joined us. It was a very large group! It was beautiful that day... it wasn't too hot and it wasn't too crowded, either! We were able to do a lot of the rides {some more than once}. Logan loves Disneyland as do I, so it was nice to go back. During our trip, we also saw a couple of friends that day that were also enjoying "The Happiest Place on Earth"! {They were LDS friends.} After the park closed, we all walked back to the hotel where we said goodbye to Donald {he had to work the next day, so he hitched a ride with Fred}, Fred & his kids, and Jaren & Rebecca. Since my parents paid for 2 rooms for 2 nights, I stayed with them in one of the rooms with Logan and my brother Jordan decided to stay as well. It was a great trip, but next time, we will go with a smaller group. :)
Kelli, Kim, Jordan, Kristin, Blake, Chad, Donald, Kara & Logan. Logan and Kristin waiting in line for "It's A Small World" ride.Kristin, Logan & Donald on the "It's A Small World" ride.Logan looking at everything around him on "Small World".Front to Back: Fred, Janelle, Lantis, Kim, Kara, Jaren & RebeccaDonald & Jordan taking some time out to play video games.Logan & Donald on the "Buzz Lightyear" ride.Ernie, Kelli, Kristin, Blake & Jordan goofing around on "Space Mountain".The Thomason kids {minus 2}

The Gurr Family Lunch

Since my Uncle Jaren's papers didn't come in time for him to get married on the 1st of May in the Los Angeles Temple, my Grandparents decided to throw a lunch party for the whole family to get to meet Rebecca {Jaren's fiance} and for my parents to see other family members that they would have seen at the wedding. My Grandma made a ham with all the fixing's... green beans, frog eye salad, funeral potatoes, rolls, corn, and lots of yummy desserts. There were so many of us, that we took over the dinning room, living room, and family room. {There actually were some members of the family that couldn't make it.} After dinner, we chatted, laughed, watch some NBA playoffs, and some even played some games {Apples to Apples}. After everyone had settled down, my Grandfather wanted a picture of everyone. There were a couple shots where some were not pictured, but their neighbors were working in their yard across the street and came over to take a shot of everyone in it. It was a long but fun day! Donald, Logan & I then headed home around 9pm. I love being with my family and hopefully soon EVERYONE will get together again!
Chad, Blake, & Jordan Thomason... watching the NBA Playoffs.
From left to right: Kim, Jesse Gurr, {Tawnie Gurr is hiding behind Jesse}, Donald, Liseja Gurr, Fred Gurr, Rebecca Vlk {soon to be Gurr}, Jaren Gurr.
Kristin, Ernie & Kelli goofing around...Just standing & waiting...Kim{Kristin's Mom} & KristinBack row: Mackenzie Gurr, Richard Gurr, Liseja Gurr, Jordan Thomason, Jesse Gurr, Chad Thomason, Donald Forshee, Blake Thomason, Fred Gurr.
Middle row: Jim Gurr, Rachel Gurr, Karen Gurr, Tawnie Gurr, Kim Thomason, David Gurr, Ernie Florence, Kelli Florence, Jaren Gurr, Rebecca Vlk{soon-to-be Gurr}.
Front row: Kathy Gurr, James Gurr, Erica Gurr, Brian Gurr, Shannon Gurr, Kara Thomason, Kristin Forshee, Logan Forshee, Zack Gurr, Ashley Gurr, Patti Gurr.

**Not Pictured: Liz, Nick, J.D., Holly& Vicki Ioannou; Irene, Lantis, Janelle & Cedrick Gurr; Alex Thomason

The Thomason Family Visits!

My uncle Jaren {my mom's older brother} was supposed to be married on May1, 2010. But, his papers from the church didn't come in in time so they moved the date. My parents had already purchased their tickets to fly down here, so we pretty much turned it into a weeks vacation with my family. They flew in the day after my birthday {April 29} and arrived at LAX at 9am. They then traveled to my Grandparents home in Victorville, Ca. I knew that they would be tired {they had a 5am flight out of Seattle, Wa}, so I decided to finish my homework & then head over there. Logan & I packed our bags to spend the night and made the hour drive to {Great} Grandmas!
Logan & I skype with my parents and 2 youngest sibling almost everyday, so he knew who they were when we arrived, but lately, Logan has been having some "separation anxiety" issues when it comes to me leaving him with a sitter {even if it is family}. Eventually, he warmed up to them and played hard with my brother & sister. On Friday, we woke up and made the drive to Newbury Park, Ca. {My hometown!} for a visit with some friends. We visited with my mom's friend, Ann Bowles, and her family. My mom and Ann went to the same high school and they have children the same age. I remember Ann babysitting us older kids when we were younger. When we arrived to Ann's house, my sister Kelli and her husband, Ernie, were already there waiting for us. I hadn't seen Kelli since November when we drove up to Washington to see my brother Alex leave for his mission. We all packed into 3 cars, and drove to eat at the Oaks Mall. We decided on just eating in the food court, and as the "Adults" talked, Kara, Kelli, Ernie, Blake, Logan & I headed to the kids play area to allow Logan to blow off some steam. He loved playing and Kara loved following him around.
Blake & LoganKristin, Ernie & KelliBlake & KristinErnie, Kelli & KaraFrom the top left: Craig Bowles, Chad, Ann Bowles, Courtney Bowles, Kim, Kara, Ernie, KelliAfter a late lunch/dinner, we drove down to Camarillo, Ca to visit my dad's buddy from the Navy, Jerry Strubeck. It was funny seeing him and my dad get together, because they act like 18/19 year old kids again. It is comedy hour when they are around. Mercy, Jerry's wife, made brownies and we all sat around and chatted and laughed. I decided to head back home to Palmdale that night while Kelli & her husband went back to their house and my parents and siblings drove to pick up my brother Jordan from his house in Huntington Beach, Ca.
Mercy, Jerry, Kim, ChadIt was great to be back in Ventura County! I missed how green it is down there and how much cooler {temperature wise} it is. Maybe someday I will move back... :)

Kristin's 26th Birthday!

These past couple of weeks have been hard & exciting. We found out that I was pregnant on Donald's birthday {March30}. However I had been bleeding the past 2 weeks... which isn't a good sign. I had been to the doctors numerous times as well as the ER. Sadly, I had a miscarriage the week prior to my birthday. {Actually, it was the night that Donald had his championship basketball game.} I was sad, but I know that my Heavenly Father has another child for us waiting to come to this Earth. Since I was so emotionally drained, I decided that I wanted something low key this year. {Very unusual for me. :)} I went and had my hair done {which had been over a year since the last time.} On my birthday night, Donald, Logan and I went to Chili's for dinner. I love being with my boys... they always make me laugh. The night was completed with their Chocolate Molten Cake {yum!} and then catching up with my Tivo. The next day, my parent flew in from Richland, WA for the week. {More to come on that in the next couple of posts.}

Donald is a CHAMPION!

Donald was playing basketball in our local Palmdale, Ca league.... they were also the CHAMPIONS! I believe that they only lost 2 games.... Great Job!