Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Thomason Family Visits!

My uncle Jaren {my mom's older brother} was supposed to be married on May1, 2010. But, his papers from the church didn't come in in time so they moved the date. My parents had already purchased their tickets to fly down here, so we pretty much turned it into a weeks vacation with my family. They flew in the day after my birthday {April 29} and arrived at LAX at 9am. They then traveled to my Grandparents home in Victorville, Ca. I knew that they would be tired {they had a 5am flight out of Seattle, Wa}, so I decided to finish my homework & then head over there. Logan & I packed our bags to spend the night and made the hour drive to {Great} Grandmas!
Logan & I skype with my parents and 2 youngest sibling almost everyday, so he knew who they were when we arrived, but lately, Logan has been having some "separation anxiety" issues when it comes to me leaving him with a sitter {even if it is family}. Eventually, he warmed up to them and played hard with my brother & sister. On Friday, we woke up and made the drive to Newbury Park, Ca. {My hometown!} for a visit with some friends. We visited with my mom's friend, Ann Bowles, and her family. My mom and Ann went to the same high school and they have children the same age. I remember Ann babysitting us older kids when we were younger. When we arrived to Ann's house, my sister Kelli and her husband, Ernie, were already there waiting for us. I hadn't seen Kelli since November when we drove up to Washington to see my brother Alex leave for his mission. We all packed into 3 cars, and drove to eat at the Oaks Mall. We decided on just eating in the food court, and as the "Adults" talked, Kara, Kelli, Ernie, Blake, Logan & I headed to the kids play area to allow Logan to blow off some steam. He loved playing and Kara loved following him around.
Blake & LoganKristin, Ernie & KelliBlake & KristinErnie, Kelli & KaraFrom the top left: Craig Bowles, Chad, Ann Bowles, Courtney Bowles, Kim, Kara, Ernie, KelliAfter a late lunch/dinner, we drove down to Camarillo, Ca to visit my dad's buddy from the Navy, Jerry Strubeck. It was funny seeing him and my dad get together, because they act like 18/19 year old kids again. It is comedy hour when they are around. Mercy, Jerry's wife, made brownies and we all sat around and chatted and laughed. I decided to head back home to Palmdale that night while Kelli & her husband went back to their house and my parents and siblings drove to pick up my brother Jordan from his house in Huntington Beach, Ca.
Mercy, Jerry, Kim, ChadIt was great to be back in Ventura County! I missed how green it is down there and how much cooler {temperature wise} it is. Maybe someday I will move back... :)

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