Monday, May 24, 2010

Nick & Emily's Wedding

This past weekend, one of my best girlfriends {Emily Norton} FINALLY married her boyfriend of 6 years {Nick George}. It was a wonderful weekend and great wedding.
The weekend started off on Friday afternoon with Donald driving me to Canyon Country so that I could catch a ride down to Westlake with Nick's sister, Monica. Before heading to the hotel, I went with Monica to get her hair curled & I watched her sweet little boy Johnny so that she could get a break. He was a cutie! Luckily when we arrived to the hotel, the other bridesmaids, Emily and her mother were already at the hotel checking in. Her wedding & reception was being held at the Hyatt in Westlake. It was beautiful there. We only had a few hours before we had to get ready for the wedding rehearsal and dinner that night, so we quickly ran to get a few things & then got ready. The rehearsal went smoothly and then the whole gang headed to BJ's for dinner. We stuck around and chatted with everyone until 9pm, but then Emily and I headed back to our hotel room to finish some few things that needed to get done for the wedding the following night. We thought it would only be a few little things {which it was} but we were chatting away and lost track of time. Next thing we knew it was midnight! We quickly finished and got into bed. It was great because we were like teenagers again laughing and giggling over silly things.
The morning and day of the wedding was crazy! There was so much to do, we got movin! We woke up fairly early{8am} and headed down stairs to get breakfast. Then we went back to our room and finished the products that were left over from the night before. Then it was time for nails, hair and make-up. I was lucky enough to have another one of my girlfriends come over to our room so that she could do my hair and makeup. Nikki Simmons and I have been friends since grade school! It was so wonderful chatting with her and laughing together. She did an AMAZING job on my hair and make-up. Finally, at 3pm, it was time for pictures. The weather was beautiful outside and everyone looked gorgeous! Emily and Nick were so cute when they saw each other for the first time. {I admit it, I did tear up} Before we knew it, it was time to line up for the wedding ceremony. As I walked down the aisle {without my glasses-so yeah, I couldn't see far away} I saw Donald sitting there. I was happy that he had made it in time. {He had worked that day from 9-2 and had to drop off Logan at 2 different sitters before heading to the wedding.} The ceremony was short, simple and sweet.
After the ceremony, they had a cocktail hour outside on the patio. There I was able to chat with more girlfriends from high school. Carrie and Megan were both in cheerleading with me in high school. I loved their company and laughing with them and their parents. Finally, the reception started and it was a PAR-TAY! The DJ, the decorations, and all the people were great fun. I danced till Donald said that we should get home because it was getting late and the drive home was an hour. I said my good byes and we headed to pick up Logan from Donald's sisters house {Megan}.
Emily and I have been friends since I was a senior in high school and I consider her my "older sister". I love her to death and I am so happy that she not only invited us to her wedding, but asked me to me involved. I love you Emily and congrats again!
Dustin McKim {my escort} & myself.

My Girls! {Myself, Megan, and Carrie McClellan}

Myself and the beautiful bride, Emily
The wedding Couple and the old married couple
{Donald, Nick, Emily & Kristin}


Christine said...

Glad you had a great time!

Emily G said...

thank you for all your love, time and emotional support!!! You are the best butt lover ever!!!!