Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Last Days of my Family visit... :(

The day after Disneyland, we had to take Jordan back to his house to get some clothes {luckily he only lives 15 minutes away}. From there, we strolled the boardwalk and streets of Huntington Beach. It was another great weather day. We went to a burger joint called "Bombburger" {It was similar to In-N-Out} & then window shopped. A couple of hours later, we said good-bye to Jordan and headed to the hotel that I parents had paid for near the LAX airport. It was in Hawthorne, so needless to say we stayed inside our room & had pizza delivered to the hotel. We watched T.V. and Logan got to play with my parents & siblings before they left. The next day, we packed everyone into the car, returned my parents rental car and I dropped them off at the airport. It was was to see them leave... Logan actually wanted to go on the plane with them and cried until I got to the 405. Once I started driving, he was out like a light & slept the entire way home. Since I had left around 1pm, it only took me about 2 hours to get from LAX to Palmdale! {That is usually how long I stay on the 405!}
I love having my family around. It is a bummer that they live so far away, but someday we will be closer! I love & miss you guys everyday! {See you on Skype!}

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