Friday, July 16, 2010

So the past couple days, we have been like fish! We are LIVING in the water. I'm not complaining at all {considering our temperature here as been triple digits for the past couple days) but ever since the 4th of July incident, I have been wanting to make sure that Logan is not afraid of the water. Yesterday, in my in-laws pool, I made sure to show him the basics of swimming and with some help of a floaty vest, he moves around the pool! He loves it! Next step, swimming lessons minus the vest! Hooray!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Logan & His Friends

The past 2 days, Logan has had some fun play dates with his buddies from Nursery. On Tuesday, we met everyone at the movie theaters for the $1 summer movie. The movie we saw was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was a cute movie that Logan loved {he would repeat every food that fell from the sky}. The kids seemed to do pretty well. After the movie, we let them run around the arcade. Logan LOVES the games and begs to see the games before, during & after the movie.
On Wednesday, I decided to invite the gang over for swimming. {Considering it was 104 degrees that day, it seemed like the easiest way to cool down.} The kids enjoyed jumping in and Michael & Brittany loved floating using their life-vests. Anna loved holding on to her pink "boat" {noodle} and splashing. Logan just loved getting in, my holding him, and running over to play with the dog, Roxy that he talks about constantly! The kids got out after about 1-2 hours of swimming to eat & then were very excited to get back in. Soon after, everyone was starting to get tired and were melting down. Once everyone left, I took Logan back to play with Roxy and to let her off the leash to roam around the yard again. {We tied her up to a tree to make sure she didn't jump on the kids or jump in the pool with the kids in there.} Logan loves his buddies from nursery, and they seem to get along pretty well.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week In Review

Well.... this weekend was busy but fun! Here is a quick summary of the week:
Monday- clean house, grocery shopping, all the non-fun things. :)
Tuesday- Logan & I went to the $1 Movie feature at our mall theater... it was Monsters Vs. Aliens. Logan will watch that movie at home non-stop!
Wednesday- Logan & I headed to Burbank to meet up with my bff Emily {Norton} George. We walked through Ikea {that store is TROUBLE}. Logan also wanted to do the babysitting service/kids play area, except he was 1/2 an inch too short and they wouldn't let him stay. Had he kept his shoes on, he would have made it. Bummer! {He was so upset!} After shopping, we made a refueling stop to eat at Ikea. I love their Swedish Meatballs... way better and similar than how we make them. Then, we made our way to the movie theaters to see another film, Toy Story 3 in 3D. I love all the Toy Story movies and this one was just as sweet and funny as can be... I was also a little teary eyed at the end. Before heading in, Logan wanted to play some of the arcade games... so he did {minus inserting the money, but he didn't know the difference.} Logan watched the first couple minutes than realized that he was going to fall asleep and wanted to start running around. Once he settled down, he fell asleep in my arms. Prior to falling asleep, he told me he had to pee again, but I thought he just wanted to get up. Once he was asleep... I felt some warmth on my leg... he peed on me! ugh! {Luckily I brought an extra pair of shorts and undies... next time I will listen to him.}
Thursday- My mother in law was off of work this day so we went over to her place to meet up with Donald for lunch and then {after Donald left} we went swimming! I love the water! After swimming, we headed to a couple of housing tracks to walk through some model homes. I love seeing all the new things that I can't have. :)
Friday- Donald took the day off {since he did not have the 5th of July off} and we went to yet another movie, Despicable Me. It was very cute and funny! Again, Logan wanted to walk around and since he is potty-trained, he realized if he said he had to pee then he would be able to walk around... he is one smart cookie!
Saturday- it was finally a resting day. I had a primary activity to attend and brought Logan. {The theme was a water Olympics. It was cute a perfect for a hot day!} Afterwards, Logan & I went to another 2 housing tracks to walk through. I think that Logan has found a love & interest in them too! He gets so excited when we walk through a 2-story model... he shouts, "yeahhh, stairs!". Gotta love this kid! :)
That was our week.... phew! ☺

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th, 2010

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays! I love the weather {usually}, the food, the water, and the fireworks at night. It makes me remember why I love this country so much. So, this year it was turned into a 2 night activity. On Saturday the 3rd, Donald had to work until 2pm, so Logan and I played in the pool and with the neighbors dog. {Its a golden lab named Roxy and Logan keeps telling me he wants his own. I would love one too, we just need a yard.} Finally when Donald arrived home, we drove to Victorville to visit with my grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. We were told 2 stories about 2 of my ancestors who were involved in the Revolutionary War. It was of course told by my grandfather and they were very interesting. Then, we had dinner {ham and all the fix-ins, yum!}. Afterwards for dessert it was strawberry shortcake... another yum! Finally we sat around and chatted and laughed. We did not leave until 10pm... it was a long day.
Finally, on July 4th, we headed to Santa Clarita to visit with Donald's dads side of the family. His uncle Feller throws a swim/BBQ party every fourth, so we were there. The kids had a blast in the pool. {Although there was a point where Logan went underwater and I had to dive in fully dressed to save him!} The food was AMAZING! {It was BBQ chicken and hot dogs for the kids, plus homemade fried rice, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and homemade potato salad.} Once the sun went down, we watch some fireworks in the backyard. Logan was a little scared this year {it could have been due to the illegal fireworks we were setting off ☺} of the fireworks, but it also could have been because he was exhausted and only had taken a 10 minute nap all day. As we headed home, we were able to see some of the fireworks from the AV Fairgrounds and others across the valley. It was a great year and I look forward to next!

Friday, July 2, 2010

{Anna's} Birthday Party!

Today was Logan's {girl}friends' birthday party. Anna turned 2 so she had a little party at her house. Logan was so excited for this day... {I think that he thought that it was his birthday, too.} We went to the store and Logan picked out everything from her wrapping paper to gifts and card. When we arrived, {which was a little late} the kids ran around outside and then they ate some BBQ. It was delicious! Then inside we went to sing ♫"happy birthday"♫. Logan had been practicing the song, only he was singing with his name instead of Anna's. ☺ After cake, the kids each took a swing or 2 at the pinata. They loved the candy coming out {who doesn't, right?}. Then it was time for presents. Logan had to tell Anna what everything was as she pulled it out of the bag. ☺ All in all, it was a great party and Logan had a great time playing with Anna and his other friends.