Friday, July 2, 2010

{Anna's} Birthday Party!

Today was Logan's {girl}friends' birthday party. Anna turned 2 so she had a little party at her house. Logan was so excited for this day... {I think that he thought that it was his birthday, too.} We went to the store and Logan picked out everything from her wrapping paper to gifts and card. When we arrived, {which was a little late} the kids ran around outside and then they ate some BBQ. It was delicious! Then inside we went to sing ♫"happy birthday"♫. Logan had been practicing the song, only he was singing with his name instead of Anna's. ☺ After cake, the kids each took a swing or 2 at the pinata. They loved the candy coming out {who doesn't, right?}. Then it was time for presents. Logan had to tell Anna what everything was as she pulled it out of the bag. ☺ All in all, it was a great party and Logan had a great time playing with Anna and his other friends.

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