Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week In Review

Well.... this weekend was busy but fun! Here is a quick summary of the week:
Monday- clean house, grocery shopping, all the non-fun things. :)
Tuesday- Logan & I went to the $1 Movie feature at our mall theater... it was Monsters Vs. Aliens. Logan will watch that movie at home non-stop!
Wednesday- Logan & I headed to Burbank to meet up with my bff Emily {Norton} George. We walked through Ikea {that store is TROUBLE}. Logan also wanted to do the babysitting service/kids play area, except he was 1/2 an inch too short and they wouldn't let him stay. Had he kept his shoes on, he would have made it. Bummer! {He was so upset!} After shopping, we made a refueling stop to eat at Ikea. I love their Swedish Meatballs... way better and similar than how we make them. Then, we made our way to the movie theaters to see another film, Toy Story 3 in 3D. I love all the Toy Story movies and this one was just as sweet and funny as can be... I was also a little teary eyed at the end. Before heading in, Logan wanted to play some of the arcade games... so he did {minus inserting the money, but he didn't know the difference.} Logan watched the first couple minutes than realized that he was going to fall asleep and wanted to start running around. Once he settled down, he fell asleep in my arms. Prior to falling asleep, he told me he had to pee again, but I thought he just wanted to get up. Once he was asleep... I felt some warmth on my leg... he peed on me! ugh! {Luckily I brought an extra pair of shorts and undies... next time I will listen to him.}
Thursday- My mother in law was off of work this day so we went over to her place to meet up with Donald for lunch and then {after Donald left} we went swimming! I love the water! After swimming, we headed to a couple of housing tracks to walk through some model homes. I love seeing all the new things that I can't have. :)
Friday- Donald took the day off {since he did not have the 5th of July off} and we went to yet another movie, Despicable Me. It was very cute and funny! Again, Logan wanted to walk around and since he is potty-trained, he realized if he said he had to pee then he would be able to walk around... he is one smart cookie!
Saturday- it was finally a resting day. I had a primary activity to attend and brought Logan. {The theme was a water Olympics. It was cute a perfect for a hot day!} Afterwards, Logan & I went to another 2 housing tracks to walk through. I think that Logan has found a love & interest in them too! He gets so excited when we walk through a 2-story model... he shouts, "yeahhh, stairs!". Gotta love this kid! :)
That was our week.... phew! ☺


deserae said...

I kind of know how you feel! I was holding Beckett during the fireworks on the 4th of July and he peed on me! All of a sudden my leg was really warm lol :)

Christine said...

Logan is potty trained....Great!!! He sure is cute! I love Swedish Meatballs at Ikea too!

Emily said...

I love the floozy picture....Eeeemmmmiiilllyyyy...