Sunday, January 27, 2013

Liam's baby blessing

Today was Liam's baby blessing at church.  Yes, the poor guy is 3 months old, but I didn't want to take him earlier especially when there has been this horrible bug going around.  So, although it wasn't fast sunday, we had his blessing.  It was pretty special too.  My grandparents came from Victorville to attend and so did 2 of my uncles and their families.  At the blessing, Donald's parents and sister Becky showed up as well.  This was pretty great considering they're not members.  I was so happy and thrilled that they came and stayed for the entire sacrament service.  Not only did they stay, but they got to hear me give a talk. {Lucky me, right?!}  After sacrament, Donald's family went back home because right before coming to the blessing they had just had breakfast {oh, we have the 1pm session so late breakfast obviously} and were not hungry.  My family came back to our place and we had sandwiches and cookies for a light dinner.  I was grateful for all the family that could attend. 

Jaren, {Great}Grandma, Liam, Kristin.
{Liam was wearing the same outfit that Logan wore for his blessing, but since Liam has grown so much faster it was quite snug.  Liam is currently in size 6 months clothing where as the outfit was 0-3 months... As soon as we got home I changed him and he wasn't as fussy}

Jaren, Logan, and Fred waiting for food in the kitchen.
Donald and {Great}Grandpa

{Great}Grandpa, Fred, Donald, {Great}Grandma, Liam
The Forshee Family

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another birthday party...

Well, it seems like the birthdays {& their corresponding parties} just won't stop this month.  Logan's friend, Michael Hatch, had his 5th birthday party.  It was super hero themed and so cute!  He and logan are exactly 1 week apart and are best friends.  They were able to make their own super hero masks, partake in an obstacle course to defeat the bad guys, fight their way through a spider web and then devour cake!  All of Logan's friends from pre-K were also there at the party.  They all get along so well. 

{And wouldn't you know, I leave Liam with Donald, asleep in his swing only to come back 2 hours later to find him in the same spot... the kid stayed asleep the whole time?!  So not fair!}

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ikhana comes for the weekend

At Logan's school, there is a bear, named Ikhana, that travels to each child's home for the weekend.  Logan was lucky enough to be the first to take her home this year.  Sadly, we didn't do very much with her.  It was too cold to leave the house for any reason that we mainly stayed in.  Plus, on Friday when I picked Logan up from school his teacher said that his eye was very red and that she was afraid that it was pink eye so I had to take him to get it checked.  {Needless to say it was negative for pink eye but it was some horrible reaction to these annoying AV winds}  On Saturday, we usually go to Lowe's for a workshop activity, but Logan was still sleeping so I let him sleep and I went and picked up the kit.  Later that day, we went to an open house for a home that we put an offer on.  Logan stayed with Liam and Becky at Papa's house so that Donald and I could just focus on the house... needless to say we didn't get it.  Also, Sunday came around and we spent the day at church.  That evening I realized that we hadn't done anything with Ikhana's journal so we hurried and staged some photos with Ikhana and I put an order for the prints to be made on Monday morning.  Before school started, I drove over to pick up the pictures, we wrote in the journal and Logan even drew a picture of him and Ikhana playing.  Phew!  I'm not ready for this homework thing to start.... :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Logan!!!!

 My precious little guy is already 5!!!! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by.  This year, since we are saving for a house, we decided to do a simple celebration.  It started off by me going to his school and bringing cupcakes for his class.  He loved the attention.  He had a crown with his name on it and then was able to pass out his goody bags to all of his classmates.  After school was over, we picked up his cousin Taylor and came home and played some games.  He loves his Tay Tay.  We had planned on going to Mulligan's, the local mini golf place, but it was too cold to be outside for any amount of time.  So, we had everyone come to our house for pizza, cake, and opening of presents.  Grandma & Papa, Becky, Will, and Bella were all here to celebrate!  He was so excited to spend time with his cousins and open all of his presents.  I love this guys so much!  Happy Birthday, Logan!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun at Jump Palace

We went to a birthday party for Logan's friend, Melody LaFollet.  It was great because he was able to run around with his friends since the next day is his real birthday and we are just having a family party this year.  The party was at Jump Palace here in the AV.  We all went and had a blast!  The entire place was filled with jump houses, inflatable slides and obstacle courses.  I even joined in on the fun!  When we were there, I just happened to run into an old friend from High School.  Shane Pierson and his wife were at the party too with their 2 adorable girls.  Shane's wife Lisa went to High School with Melody's parents.... really, what are the odds?!  It was great catching up with him and meeting his lovely family.  Logan loved the place so much that he asked if he could have his birthday there next year.  Maybe we will try and go when it is "free play" and just run around!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Another lazy day...

This illness is finally making its way out! Hooray!!! Which is good because I'm tired of this sick thing. :)  Early this morning, Logan's pre-K teacher called to tell me that they cancelled his class today.  There were too many call outs that they just decided to cancel the whole day.  Logan was pretty excited.  So instead of school, Donald took Logan to the driving range to hit a few balls with the new set of clubs that he got for Christmas.  Logan loves golf, especially when he goes with his dad.  While they were out, Liam and I took a nice 2 hour nap!  It was amazing!  I feel so rested.  Well now its time for dinner and then the weekend starts, which means that Donald has to go back to work.  It has been so nice having him off of work for the past 17 days! hmmm.  Back to the normal schedule {hopefully minus the sickness}.


Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well, it looks like the seasonal bug has hit the Forshee Household!  I started to feel a little crummy right before new years with a sore throat but would feel a little better one day and then back to blah the next.  Then came Logan with his cough and runny nose and poor little Liam with his congestion.  So now I am on anti-biotic for a sinus infection and the boys have to sleep with a humidifier at night.  Ugh! Every year this comes and Donald some how manages to remain unharmed. Not fair!
Logan {trying to}hold his brother
Logan with his shiner from hitting it in the shower.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!! {2013}

Well, it has been a really long time since I blogged.  But it is a new year and my goal is to keep it up among other things.  The past year went by so fast that I feel like I don't remember what has happened?! I hope that in keeping up with this blog it will help this old brain of mine to remember the good and bad things that have happened. 

Last year we went on a family vacation, visited with family and friends and even gained a new member, Liam Thomas.  I had Logan, Donald and myself create new years resolutions and here they are:
Logan~ be a good brother, love my mom & dad, play more with my mom, dad, and brother.
Donald~ lose weight and stay fit
Kristin~ lose the last of the baby weight, participate in some races/marathons, write in my journal more often, cook more, and keep up on this blog.

As a family we came up with these resolutions:
have FHE more regularly, pray more as a family, and do monthly activities/dates.

On New Years Eve, we spent it at home... actually at my in-laws but it was simple.  We played apples to apples Disney edition with the kids, had Tommy's for dinner, watched the countdown on tv and then at midnight went outside and banged on pots and pans with wooden spoons.  The kids loved it.  Then we toasted eachother with some sparkling cider and then headed home.  I was exhausted and woke up on New Years day feeling like blahhhh. So I headed over to the urgent care to make sure that I don't have a sinus infection, only to be turned away because they were closed!  So those antibiotics will have to wait until the 2nd of January.  We just have been sitting around all day, watching football and resting.  So for now, I leave to have dinner with my boys and toast with some more yummy sparkling cider to a great new year!