Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun at Jump Palace

We went to a birthday party for Logan's friend, Melody LaFollet.  It was great because he was able to run around with his friends since the next day is his real birthday and we are just having a family party this year.  The party was at Jump Palace here in the AV.  We all went and had a blast!  The entire place was filled with jump houses, inflatable slides and obstacle courses.  I even joined in on the fun!  When we were there, I just happened to run into an old friend from High School.  Shane Pierson and his wife were at the party too with their 2 adorable girls.  Shane's wife Lisa went to High School with Melody's parents.... really, what are the odds?!  It was great catching up with him and meeting his lovely family.  Logan loved the place so much that he asked if he could have his birthday there next year.  Maybe we will try and go when it is "free play" and just run around!

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