Monday, January 14, 2013

Ikhana comes for the weekend

At Logan's school, there is a bear, named Ikhana, that travels to each child's home for the weekend.  Logan was lucky enough to be the first to take her home this year.  Sadly, we didn't do very much with her.  It was too cold to leave the house for any reason that we mainly stayed in.  Plus, on Friday when I picked Logan up from school his teacher said that his eye was very red and that she was afraid that it was pink eye so I had to take him to get it checked.  {Needless to say it was negative for pink eye but it was some horrible reaction to these annoying AV winds}  On Saturday, we usually go to Lowe's for a workshop activity, but Logan was still sleeping so I let him sleep and I went and picked up the kit.  Later that day, we went to an open house for a home that we put an offer on.  Logan stayed with Liam and Becky at Papa's house so that Donald and I could just focus on the house... needless to say we didn't get it.  Also, Sunday came around and we spent the day at church.  That evening I realized that we hadn't done anything with Ikhana's journal so we hurried and staged some photos with Ikhana and I put an order for the prints to be made on Monday morning.  Before school started, I drove over to pick up the pictures, we wrote in the journal and Logan even drew a picture of him and Ikhana playing.  Phew!  I'm not ready for this homework thing to start.... :)

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