Sunday, January 27, 2013

Liam's baby blessing

Today was Liam's baby blessing at church.  Yes, the poor guy is 3 months old, but I didn't want to take him earlier especially when there has been this horrible bug going around.  So, although it wasn't fast sunday, we had his blessing.  It was pretty special too.  My grandparents came from Victorville to attend and so did 2 of my uncles and their families.  At the blessing, Donald's parents and sister Becky showed up as well.  This was pretty great considering they're not members.  I was so happy and thrilled that they came and stayed for the entire sacrament service.  Not only did they stay, but they got to hear me give a talk. {Lucky me, right?!}  After sacrament, Donald's family went back home because right before coming to the blessing they had just had breakfast {oh, we have the 1pm session so late breakfast obviously} and were not hungry.  My family came back to our place and we had sandwiches and cookies for a light dinner.  I was grateful for all the family that could attend. 

Jaren, {Great}Grandma, Liam, Kristin.
{Liam was wearing the same outfit that Logan wore for his blessing, but since Liam has grown so much faster it was quite snug.  Liam is currently in size 6 months clothing where as the outfit was 0-3 months... As soon as we got home I changed him and he wasn't as fussy}

Jaren, Logan, and Fred waiting for food in the kitchen.
Donald and {Great}Grandpa

{Great}Grandpa, Fred, Donald, {Great}Grandma, Liam
The Forshee Family

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