Friday, August 21, 2009

Chuck 'E' Cheese, Swimming, Bowling... It's been a busy week!

This is the last week that my brother and sister are down, so Logan and I headed back to Victorville to spend some more time with my cousins and Blake and Kara. We stayed at Grandma's house monday night and then headed to Huntington Beach to visit my brother, Jordan. We had planned on going swimmin, but the pool was nice. The kids were doing jumps into the pool and Logan loved hanging out in the spa. Afterwards we headed to In'N'Out and then made the drive home. Kara and Blake spent the night at our place Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday, my Grandparents drove down and picked them up. Athough we did get some lunch at Quizno's and then went bowling. It was a lot of fun! I have enjoyed so much hanging with my two youngest siblings... Hopefully I will be able to go to Washington next time to visit them and the rest of my family!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kara and Blake spend the week!

Since my youngest siblings are down in California all summer from Washington, we decided to give me grandparents a break and have Kara and Blake spend the week with us. We didn't do much Sunday thru Thursday, other than sit around the house and play with the Wii or go shopping. Friday, Donald took the day off and we went bowling. To our surprise, the local bowling alley was having a special of $0.99 per game per person! So we scored and played a couple games. The boys were competitive with eachother but that's just how boys are, I guess. After we went for lunch at In'N'Out and then stopped at Blockbuster to rent another game for the Wii. The boys were again competitive. :) Saturday, we headed to the beach. It was a lot of fun! The weather was nice and Becky and her kids, Bella and Will, even came along. Sadly, my camera was broken so my pics are not available.... bummer! We then came home and played the classic game of Uno, which I kicked butt at! LOL. It was a fun week!

Dodger BLUE!

Thursday, we went to see the Dodgers play the Braves on Mormon night. Donald's parents came with us. We sat out in the bleachers in the outfield which was surprisingly nice. The fans are a little extreme out there, but it was a good time. Logan really enjoyed it, too! I was impressed with how well he acted. He would sit between his daddy and papa and eat peanuts or would stand up between my legs or Donalds and would clap or dance to the music! It was pretty funny and cute. He lasted until the top of the 8th inning, and then we left... only to find out in the car that the Dodgers came from behind and won the game!