Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kristin's 25th Birthday / Disneyland Trip

For my birthday, Donald bought me a season pass to Disneyland. I was so excited so Logan and I made the trip with my friend Andrea and her mother-in-law, Suzie.

When we first got there, we waited in line to get my picture taken for the pass. While standing in line, Logan kept waving and talking to himself. When I looked in the direction he was looking at, I saw Goofy! So needless to say, after the picture was taken, we waited in line to meet Goofy. Logan wanted Goofy to pick him up and would not let go of his hands or stop trying to squeeze his nose. We then went on to ride Peter Pan, the Carousel, The Haunted Mansion, The Roger Rabbit Ride, and the Winnie the Pooh ride.

After lunch, we headed to Califonia Disney. We tried to get to the Playhouse Disney puppet show, but we were 3 minutes too late so we headed to meet Crush (the turtle from Finding Nemo.) Logan loved seeing the fish swim and even raised his hand on his own when asked if there were any questions in the audience. (I think he was just copying the other kids.) Afterwards, we made our way to The Beast's Library and then sang a song in Ursella's Grotto. Before the park closed we grabbed ice cream from The Burbank and then watched the parade. Logan had a great time as did I and we will definetly be going a lot more with my pass.

Thanks again to Suzie and Andrea!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life's A Beach!

Not too long ago, it was very warm here in Southern California. So Donald and I decided to venture to the beach with Logan. He had a blast and it was very relaxing.


I know this post is very, very late, but here we go....

This Easter weekend we started on Saturday. Donald, Logan and I traveled to my grandparents home in Victorville for an early Easter Dinner. Logan played with my cousins while the adults chatted.

Easter Sunday, we woke up and found our Easter baskets. Logan thought he was such a strong man and would carry it around everywhere. Then we went to church and then headed to Don and Carrie's for dinner. It was great to have Logan play with his cousins and see family!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Family Trip to the L.A. Zoo

This past sunday, we decided to spend some time together. Logan loves animals so we decided to take a trip to the zoo. We had a great time even though the elephants weren't there nor were the gorillas. But Logan loved to watch the monkeys, giraffes and also the zebras. Maybe another day we will go back and spend a little more time.Our pictures were taken when we first arrive to the zoo.

Checking out the zebras while we were making horse noises.The giraffes came pretty close to us. Logan's eyes opened really wide in amazement... or he could have just been scared. He just observed all the animals... it was adorable! He would often called things that were small "doggies".
Stopping to eat for some lunch.

After we arrived home, Logan felt the need to strip his clothes off and only be in his diaper.

The Thomason Clan comes to visit California for Spring Break 2009!!!!

My mother, brothers, (Alex and Blake) and sister (Kara) flew down from Washington to have spring break in California! Here's how the weeks events happened....

Thursday, Logan and I drove to Victorville to my grandparents house. (Which is where my family was staying.) My grandmother made "French Pancakes" and we sat around and chatted. That night, my brother, Jordan drove up from Huntington Beach for dinner. We laughed and talked for hours. Then all the boys left to Huntington Beach for a basketball game and to spend the night at Jordan house. Not soon after they left did my sister Kelli arrive. We stayed up and played games and laughed some more!!!
Kara, Jordan, Kristin, Alex, Blake

The gang before the boys left for the night.

Friday, we drove to pick up my brothers from Hungtington Beach. From there we decided to head back towards home and stopped at the Ontario Mills Mall for dinner and window shopping. We ate at The Rainforrest Cafe. Logan loved the fish aquarium, but did not like the water fall that we were sitting next to.

Logan was really afraid of the water fall behind us.... then I drew his attention to the monkey across from us and he seemed fine for the rest of the meal.

The Whole Gang Eating at Rainforrest Cafe.

Saturday, we decided to make the long drive to San Diego, California to visit my aunt and uncle and their 8 kids. We had lunch and then hung out at the beach. It was a great visit!
Logan with his Great-Grandma, Karen Gurr. This was the first time he had been to the beach!

Logan with his second-cousin, Rachel. They are only 21 days apart!


Sunday, we drove to Thousand Oaks/ Newbury Park to visit some old friends and have lunch. We met up with my mom's friend Ann Bowles and her daughter Courtney. Then we headed to Daphnie's for some yummy Greek food. Later we headed back to Ann's house for dessert and then drove home before it was too late.
(The previous days we had been returning home after 10pm... it was rough!)
Logan LOVED my grandmother's piano... he always wanted to play it.

Monday, was Donalds birthday so we came back down to Palmdale. I dropped off my brother and sister at their friends house to hang out and play. Then we Donald came home from work, my family headed over to my uncle Fred's house for dinner and to hang out. Donald, Logan and I went with Don and Carrie to Chilli's for his birthday dinner.

Tuesday, I picked up my brother Blake who spent the night at his friends house in Palmdale and we met up with the rest of the gang back in Huntington Beach for some fun in the sun. We actually picked up my brother Alex's girlfriend, Lindsay, from Disneyland. (Her family was down for spring break as well.) My sister Kelli came down as well with her husband, Earnest. Later, we headed over to Claim Jumpers for a late lunch/ early dinner. It was great to have all the Thomason Kids in one place!!! I love my siblings!!!
Kelli and Earnest
The Thomason Kids
(Youngest-Oldest... Thankfully not Tallest to Shortest!!!)
Kara, Blake, Alex, Kelli, Jordan, Kristin
The Thomason Girls

Wednesday, I went with my grandparents to LAX to drop off the family. It was sad to see them go, but hopefully we will be able to see them again soon!!! And hopefully next time, my dad will be there!