Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Gurr Family Lunch

Since my Uncle Jaren's papers didn't come in time for him to get married on the 1st of May in the Los Angeles Temple, my Grandparents decided to throw a lunch party for the whole family to get to meet Rebecca {Jaren's fiance} and for my parents to see other family members that they would have seen at the wedding. My Grandma made a ham with all the fixing's... green beans, frog eye salad, funeral potatoes, rolls, corn, and lots of yummy desserts. There were so many of us, that we took over the dinning room, living room, and family room. {There actually were some members of the family that couldn't make it.} After dinner, we chatted, laughed, watch some NBA playoffs, and some even played some games {Apples to Apples}. After everyone had settled down, my Grandfather wanted a picture of everyone. There were a couple shots where some were not pictured, but their neighbors were working in their yard across the street and came over to take a shot of everyone in it. It was a long but fun day! Donald, Logan & I then headed home around 9pm. I love being with my family and hopefully soon EVERYONE will get together again!
Chad, Blake, & Jordan Thomason... watching the NBA Playoffs.
From left to right: Kim, Jesse Gurr, {Tawnie Gurr is hiding behind Jesse}, Donald, Liseja Gurr, Fred Gurr, Rebecca Vlk {soon to be Gurr}, Jaren Gurr.
Kristin, Ernie & Kelli goofing around...Just standing & waiting...Kim{Kristin's Mom} & KristinBack row: Mackenzie Gurr, Richard Gurr, Liseja Gurr, Jordan Thomason, Jesse Gurr, Chad Thomason, Donald Forshee, Blake Thomason, Fred Gurr.
Middle row: Jim Gurr, Rachel Gurr, Karen Gurr, Tawnie Gurr, Kim Thomason, David Gurr, Ernie Florence, Kelli Florence, Jaren Gurr, Rebecca Vlk{soon-to-be Gurr}.
Front row: Kathy Gurr, James Gurr, Erica Gurr, Brian Gurr, Shannon Gurr, Kara Thomason, Kristin Forshee, Logan Forshee, Zack Gurr, Ashley Gurr, Patti Gurr.

**Not Pictured: Liz, Nick, J.D., Holly& Vicki Ioannou; Irene, Lantis, Janelle & Cedrick Gurr; Alex Thomason

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Kathleen Mary Gurr said...

I was amazed to see so many people who had the surname Gurr. My name is Kathleen Mary Gurr. In Brisbane, Australia where I live there are not many people with that name. Most of those that live here are my immediate family. From the research that has been done on our ancestors they came from Kent in England as free settlers and arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1800's. We could be related.