Thursday, August 12, 2010

Other happenings....

Well, I completely forgot to blog about Logan's friends', Brittany, birthday party. It was very cute & simple. They had a water theme and all the kids loved being in the water. Especially since it was really hot outside. {100 degrees or more}. They had an inflatable pool filled to the rim with water, and a water toy that attached to the hose and shooted water. Also, they enjoyed being in the swings and relaxing. For lunch, they had pizza, watermelon, grapes and for dessert, cute ice cream cone cupcakes. Logan had a blast and still talks about Brittany's pool.

If you look closely on the last picture... you can see that Logan was trying to help blow out the candles... :P
In addition to school starting up again for me, I have been attending the YMCA. I received 3 1-week trial passes to try out the facility and I have been taking Logan since they have a child care program while I go to classes. The first time I tried to attend a pilates class and that failed miserably due to Logan having a melt down & saying "I want you mommy!". So I pretty much stayed the entire time and realized that the class had ended so I took him and we went swimming instead. The next day, he did much better. They actually came into my class and said that I was more than welcome to go work out in the gym after my class because he was doing so well. I was exhausted after my class {it was called "on the ball" and was all sorts of exercises using the balance ball... I'm still sore!} so I just took him home which was fine because I had my visiting teacher coming over. I enjoy the me time and being able to work out feels so good. Hopefully I will become a member and will be able to attend more often.

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