Saturday, November 13, 2010

Disneyland Trip

Yesterday, Logan and I met up with one of my best girlfriends {Emily} and her brother {Mikey} and we visited our favorite place, DISNEYLAND!
We met up in Burbank and then carpooled together {since they live in Newbury Park/Camarillo and we live in Palmdale} and made the drive in good time. First on the list was California Adventure since neither one of them had ever been there. We picked up our fastpasses for The World of Color Show and then headed over to Toy Story Mania. Logan LOVES this ride. I actually let him have his own gun and he did pretty well. He score 16,500 points! The skills on this kid. After hitting a few more rides in California Adventure, we made our way to Disneyland.
Since Logan is now 38 inches, he was able to ride the Mater Horn! {In May when we went with my family, he was about 2 inches too short! He's growing like a weed and to think in just a few more months he will be able to go on all the rides! Yippie!} He said that it was fun but that it was too fast. haha. Then we stopped and grabbed some Fastpasses to The Haunted Mansion {decorated as the Nightmare Before Christmas}. We waited in line for Pirates and by the time we got off, we were able to walk onto the Haunted Mansion ride. After, we ate and watched the Mark Twain Boat and the Pirate ship sail around the water. Logan loves watching the ducks that wade and the canoes. We then caught the Captain EO show, which Logan was not a fan of, and hit some of the rides in Storybook Land and Fantasy Land. Sadly, in all of the many trips I have taken Logan, he had never gone on the Teacups or Dumbo. So while Emily and Mikey went on Thunder Mountain, I took Logan on these rides. After these rides, we made our way back to California Adventure to see the World of Color show. It was AMAZING and I was pretty impressed. The show is 40 minutes long and you had to stand, but it was great. Logan even liked it and I could tell that he was very tired because he was starting to rest his head on my shoulder while the show was still going. Once I put him back in his stroller, he asked me if we were going on more rides, and I said no, we were headed home. He whined a little, put his hands in his pockets and fell asleep as we were leaving the park. The poor guy never took a nap all day and was exhausted! He slept the whole way home until I went to pull him out of the car. Then he slept in till 10am this morning!
We had such a good time with Emily and Mikey and we will have to do it again!


Chelsea F. said...

Yay for Disneyland! We haven't seen the Color show but it sounds amazing- glad you guys had fun!

Emily said...

We had the BEST time!

Quotes for the day by Logan:

"I gotta pee"

"Hold me"

"No Kitty"