Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Logan meets Uncle Jorddy for the 1st time!!!

The last time I saw my brother, Jordan, was about a month before Logan was born. Two days ago Jordan called me and stated that he would be able to get together if I was available. I of course stated that I was and he drove this morning from Huntington Beach to Palmdale to see Logan and I. This was the first time that Logan would be meeting his Uncle Jorddy and in true Logan fashion he was happy to see some one new! Logan would crawl towards Jordan and would laugh and try to talk to him. It was pretty cute and Jordan would just laugh. Later that evening, Jordan wanted to visit our Uncle Fred who also lives in Palmdale. We headed over there and got to see our new cousin as well. It was a great visit and hopefully we will be able to see "Uncle Jorddy" again real soon!!!!

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Melissa said...

Man Logan is getting big. He is just adorable! We miss you guys!