Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jaren & Rebecca get married!

Yesterday, May 12th, my uncle Jaren married his fiance, Rebecca. They were sealed in the Los Angeles Temple and later there was a reception held in Victorville. Since I was the "master of ceremonies", I had to keep everything moving. I had to make sure that the dance, cake cutting and bouquet & garter toss, were on schedule {which they were not due to the bride & groom being late from arriving from the temple}. It was a simple and small reception. Congrats again to Jaren & Rebecca!!!

Logan "caught" the garter & really enjoyed being next to me and the mic... he especially loved singing for the "first dance". ☺


deserae said...

Congratulations Jaren and Rebecca! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

P.S. Logan is so cute!

Cecily said...

Congratulations to Jaren and Rebecca! I hope they had beautiful weather and they look absolutely happy. :)

Christine said...

Looks like a wonderful day! Logan is a cute boy! Glad you were there to keep everything running smoothly!!!