Thursday, September 25, 2008

Too much to do....Soo little time!!!

So this last month has been crazy to say the least. Donald, Logan and I will be moving back to sunny Southern California the first of October. With that said, there is packing that needs to be done and doctor appointments that need to be made before the long 20 hour trek. And on top of it all, I'm trying to start bottle feeding a 9 month old who has his 7th and 8th teeth coming in! (That's right, # 7 and #8!) He is not a happy camper and will not sleep in his own bed and when he does sleep in our bed, he rolls around like a little worm!

One fun thing that we did this past week was go out to dinner with our friends Keith and Melissa. We went to Red Robin and then headed over to their house afterwards. The boys went and played video games (boys, ugh!) while the girls (of course) watched the kids and chatted. We didn't stay as long as we usually did, but it was still fun to be hanging out with someone other than my babbling, drueling, teething boy. Thanks again Keith and Melissa, we will miss you guys! :(

Well I will let you know how the move goes... cross your fingers that Logan is somewhat good for the up coming drive. I will take pics of our journey and post them for all to enjoy... expect ones with me pulling my hair out, Donald enjoying the drive in the U-Haul, and Logan with tears in his eyes for having his car seat rear facing and not being able to see Mommy.


Ryan and Cecily said...

Good luck with your move! Moving is ALWAYS stressful!! Take a few breaks for yourself!

John said...

For REal? Ah D! Just get a big enough house so we can visit you in the winter. :)

Kelsi, John, Jake, & Georgia said...

hope the move goes well! hooray that you're coming home. let's get together before too long... and certainly before family christmas!! :)