Thursday, December 4, 2008

OuT tO LunCH!!

Logan LOVED the pet store with all the puppies!

Yesterday, Logan and I made the drive to the valley to see Kelli. As I left I decided to call my brother Jordan, and he was also on his way to see Kelli. The drive only took an hour. Once Jordan arrived we headed to eat. After stuffing our faces at the buffet, we decided to walk off all the junk we ate and headed to the Oaks Mall. Finally after walking around the entire mall, we headed back to Kelli's apartment to relax. Around 6 pm Logan and I left. It was a blast to hang out with my siblings again.

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Anonymous said...

So, thanks for coming back to Countrywide and visiting on the ONE DAY I had to leave early!! I need to play with you and LOgAN....come by again soon!! I miss you!!! Susan Moser (not signing up for your blogging thing.LOL)