Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Day with Logan and his cousins.

On Sunday Evening, Donald's youngest sister asked me if I would watch her kids for her while she went to work for the following day. I agreed and early Monday morning, they were dropped off. Logan decided to wake up as well so I decided to make some breakfast for everyone. Then following their messy breakfast, I put them all in the bath. They were really cute! They were playing with the bath toys and making each other laugh. (Logan enjoying the bath.)

(Logan, Kohen, and Rose having fun in the bath.)

Following their bath, I put a movie on for them, Igor, and they all fell asleep for a nap. It was great! (Nap Time.)

Once everyone woke up from their nap, myself included, we all packed into the car and went to McDonalds. We then took our food and headed to a local park for a picnic and to let them run around. They enjoyed being at the park and wanted to stay longer, but I knew that their dad would be at my house soon to pick them up. It was a fun day and Logan loved hanging out with his cousins, Rex, Kohen, and Rosealie.


Melissa said...

Wow! Logan looks so big now. That's crazy. What a cutie!

Auntie Emily said...

Oh Huckleberry! I love the first picture!!!!

Ryan and Cecily said...

Logan has really beautiful eyes! That sounds like such a nice day too.

Jake & Rachel said...

You are brave! I can't believe you did all that with a car full of kids! Now I know who to call if I need a babysitter ;)

Pistolmom said...

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