Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Festivities

Every Christmas Eve, we head over to Donald's Uncle's house, Billy Forshee, in Valencia for a Forshee Christmas Party. This year we had a sit down dinner, which was a nice change, and then we played a Pick-n-pass game. The kids had fun opening their presents and then playing with them. On Christmas morning, we woke up and let Logan finally open his presents. He loved all of his gifts. After breakfast, we headed to Donald's parents house for more presents and lunch/dinner. All the grandkids were there and they had a lot of fun playing together.


Christine said...

Merry the leaf it would be snow, although there wasn't much this year!

Marilee said...

Yep, Brad is the big one in the family. Always has been (9lbs 2oz) always will be. He is a big teddy bear though! Your little boy is sure growing fast and he looks like a Thomason to me:)

Jake & Rachel said...

Logan is getting so big! I hardly recognize him. That motorcycle he got for Christmas is pretty awesome! My kids would be jealous.