Friday, January 15, 2010

Logan Turns 2!

Since Logan's 2nd birthday landed on a Sunday this year, we decided to have a small get together at our house the day before. Donald's family came over for some yummy pot roast and other delicious food. While the dinner was still being prepared, Logan and his cousin's dug into all the toys in the play room.
Once dinner was done, we turned off the kitchen lights, lit the birthday candles and sang "Happy Birthday" to Logan. At first, he was a little weirded out that everyone was looking at him and also that they were singing, but once he heard his name he was all smiles. Donald told him that he had to blow the candles out and Logan tried but he still needed help from his daddy. We decided to make a cake this year for him. Donald make a yellow cake mix with the chocolate frosting. I went to target and purchased him these little Toy Story figurines and piped his name on the cake in lime green frosting. He loved it!
After the cake was done, Logan sat on the floor and opened all his presents. He finally understood the concept of unwrapping presents so it was funny to watch him. He already will toss the clothes to the side after realizing that there are no toys...
On Logan's actual birthday (Jan. 10), he was still re-living the memories of the previous night and since his decorations were still up and he was ready for church, he wanted Daddy to bring him a birthday cake and sing "Happy Birthday" again to him. I was getting ready for church in the bedroom when I heard Logan ask for cake and then I heard Donald singing. Luckily Donald grabbed the camera to take pictures.
Since my parents are in Washington, they sent his presents via mail and sadly they didn't arrive until the day after his real birthday. Logan was still excited to get more presents and immediately sat in same spot as his birthday party to open his presents. He LOVES his kissing Elmo!

Thanks again to EVERYONE for coming to the "party" and for all the presents!


Christine said...

That's so cute about wanting cake and singing Happy Birthday the next day! He's a doll!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday to Logan! How cute! Hey, if you ever want a day out of the desert, come visit! Before Logan forgets who Sadie is preferably.

Jake & Rachel said...

I can't believe he's 2 already! It reminds me that Brynn's birthday will be here in no time and that just makes me sad. That cake looks so yummy...chocolate! And that's too funny you sang to him again!