Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Visit to the "Cat House"

Logan and I were invited by some of his nursery friends to go visit the "Cat House". It is located in Rosamond, CA. Technically, it is the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound which houses about 70 species of endangered cats (or felines). At the compound, they breed these cats and keep them safe. This allows them to increase their lifespans and keep them from becoming endangered. When we first arrived, they informed us that we should stay on the sidewalk and that there should be no running... supposedly in the past, some kids would run along side the fences and the cats would thy to pounce on them or chase them and they would run into the chain-link fence that was seperating us from them and the cats have gotten hurt from that before. So... needless to say, trying to keep 4 two year olds from running or from climbing up the guard-rail was a little of a struggle. :) The kids loved it. They would re-enact the noises and "cat nite nite" when some of them were sleeping.
Some of them were adorable and you wanted to touch them, but you knew that they could rip your face off! :) The Jaguars and Panthers were very indimidating and large. Their paws were the size of Logan's head! Interestingly, there were a few that were coupled in their cages while others (such as a new mom with her cubs) were seperated from the father. (That seperation was due to the male wanting the female to himself and only wanting to breed with her and not wanting the cubs to take her attention away from him... in otherwords... the male tries to kill the cubs.) There were white tigers and other breeds of tigers there, but we were not allowed to see them due to their cages were not safe for the children to be around. You have to be over the age of 18 to get near those cages, but I was able to see a white tiger in the distance. After being there for almost 2 hours, we headed home. Logan was fast asleep before I even hit the freeway!

*The Children that went with us were Kim and Cassidy Crawley, Denise and Michael and Britney Hatch.


Christine said...

Such a neat experience!

Jake & Rachel said...

I love that place! I used to go all the time when I was a kid.

xanmarknayden said...

that looks like so much fun~ Actually I do show them how to shoot mark just was in the car with the kids so he couldnt take my picture but when you come up here I will show you how its done!