Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Past Month...

I know I'm really bad at updating this since I went back to school, but here is the latest on the past month. To start off, I just have to say that February's are just not my months! Every year around this time I somehow get sick! (Example: February 2007, ended up with a double ear infection, sinus infection and upper respiratory infection... AT THE SAME TIME! I do have a picture of what I looked like during a Super Bowl party that year... not pretty to say the least!)
Since Logan's 2nd Birthday, we have gone through a variety of illnesses and injuries. Shortly after his birthday, Logan and I contracted pink eye! That is by far the worst... Logan had woken up from his nap with his eye crusted shut and was acting very confused about what was going on. So we were able to get a prescription to get rid of that. Shortly after our trip to the Cat House, I started to get a sore throat. Ended up being strep throat! Actually around Super Bowl, both Logan and I started to get flu like symptoms... ended up being the flu that you get before the actual flu. The weird thing is that we were told people usually get this strand around October... we just happen to get it in February, Lucky US?! Ugh! So through all this Logan and I have been getting the brunt of the illnesses, while Donald just skates away with an irritated throat for about a day! UNBELIEVABLE!
In between illnesses, however, we were able to experience some things... such as a Superbowl Party that Donald's parents throw every year. (I had been on antibiotics for 24 hours so I felt okay being around others even though I sounded & looked like crap.)

New Orleans Saints
Indianapolis Colts

And more recently, Logan and I ventured to the L.A. Zoo with his friends from nursery and their Mommy's. It was a beautiful day on our visit and the sun felt SO good! Eventually we will (hopefully) move out of the A.V. so that my sinuses can get a break from this weather... The wind is KILLER!

In a nut shell, that's what we have been up to. Our busiest months are to come and hopefully soon nicer and warmer weather is in the forecast so that we can soak up our much needed Vitamin D!


Christine said...

February is almost over! Yay for you! Hope March is a great month for the Forshees!

Jillian said...

"Eventually we will (hopefully) move out of the A.V. "

If I had a nickel for how many times I have said those words......I'd have a LOT of nickels!

Jake & Rachel said...

We have been so sick this Feb too! Eli has a bacterial eye infection in both eyes right now and it is nasty. Here's hoping March is better for the both of us! And I have to tell you, I have only had ONE sinus infection since I moved from the AV and I used to get them all the time there...