Monday, January 17, 2011

Logan's 3rd Birthday

On January 10th, 2008, the sweetest little boy was born... that's right, LOGAN IS NOW 3!!! Everyday he surprises me with how smart he is and how much he has grown. He is no longer a baby, but a big boy. This year, he wanted to have a pirate party. Donald will say that I brain washed him into wanting this theme, but he was the one that picked it out. On his actual birthday, we did not do much. I felt bad because it was a Monday. We did let him open up 2 presents from us. Of course they were not toys but clothes so you could tell he was a little disappointed. Being born shortly after Christmas can have its drawbacks... Donald had work all day, then he had a basketball game and afterwards that evening I had to go into work for inventory all night long. So the actual day of his birthday was a bust... but we made up for it later that week. {Plus, since he did not decorations up, he did not think that it was his birthday. So, several family members called him and sang happy birthday and he would reply, "guys, its not my birthday yet. Theres no decorations!"}
That Friday, Donald got off of work at noon and we took Logan to our local mini golf course. He was so excited for it. He chose the color ball he wanted {blue, his favorite}, had his own size putter and was ready to start putting. He did so well. He even did a hole in one on one course. Towards the end {almost 27 holes later}, he was done and wanted to play some arcade games inside. Donald and I helped rack up the tickets and he was able to get some prizes. Afterwards, we headed over to Olive Garden for some food. Logan chose his own pizza with chocolate milk and he devoured the salad! We headed back home and a few hours later he fell asleep. As we were driving home, he informed Donald and myself that he had had a fun day and that he loves to "mini golf".
On Saturday, the party arrived! Logan received a pirate costume from my mother and wore it. I had a cake made with pirates on it and Donald picked up pizza. In addition, I made cupcakes with pirate flags on them and we also had root beer floats for dessert. Logan's friends from our ward came and so did all of his cousins. The kids played in the play room while the adults chatted and ate. The kids inhaled their food and were right back to playing. The played "pin the treasure chest on the map" and there were a few older kids who cheated. :) Next was the cake. He loves being sung "Happy Birthday" to and loved opening the presents. He scored with so many great presents that we no longer have anymore room in our house for toys! It was such a blast having everyone dressed up as pirates. Thank you to everyone that came!

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La Vita Bella said...

How fun, I didn't know you guys went mini-golfing. When it gets warmer, we should all go, that would be fun. I love the look on Logan's face with the jacket-gee, clothes, you shouldn't have! :) Just today, Anna was talking about your niece pulling her hair. The poor little thing. The party was fun, thanks for having us!