Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Day at the Park

Once Donald returned home from work, we decided to take a trip to the Apollo Park. On the way to the park was a "musical road". The road had markings, which when you drove over it, played music. It was funny.
Once at the park we allowed Logan to get out of his stroller and walk towards the pond where there were lots of ducks. They would actually come pretty close to you, especially if you had food! After the park we made our way over to See's Candy. Yum!!!
It was a fun day... hopefully this wore Logan out a little so he will not fight falling asleep tonight.

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Jake & Rachel said...

When was this? We spent almost the whole day at Apollo on Saturday. Did you have any run ins with the geese?? They are so scary!! Luckily I had my little dog to protect me.