Saturday, January 31, 2009

~LuNch WiTh UnCle JoRdDy~

Not too long ago, Logan and I decided to make the trip to Fountain Valley to visit my brother, Jordan. We met up with him at his home and Logan got to play (more like run away from) with his pug, Goliath. Then we drove to Claim Jumpers for lunch. Jordan is a waiter there so it was pretty sweet to get most of our food for free! Logan even got his own bowl of mac and cheese.(stiring my mac and cheese with a red crayon )
After our wonderful (and filling) lunch, we headed to Downtown Disney. The drive was only about 15 minutes. We walked into just about every store and enjoyed sitting by the water fountain. Logan LOVED seeing Mickey Mouse everywhere!!! He would point to pictures of Mickey and talk to him in his sweet baby language. It was a fun day... and the drive home only took us an hour and a half! (There was no traffic on a Thursday night.)
(Watching the fish at the Rainforest Cafe.)
(my "tourist" looks)


Susan Moser said...

I see how it move back to beautiful downtown Lancaster - go to Apollo park but don't call or bring Logan to see his Auntie Susan??? What's up with that girlfriend?? LOL

Please don't be a stranger - you have my number and you can bring him to my house anytime - I am a terrific babysitter!! Miss you GIRL!!!

Chelsea F. said...

Downtown Disney is fun, we use to walk around their a lot when we lived in Orange County.

Jake & Rachel said...

I know, I'm totally bombarding you comments but I just wanted to say that Logan is dying for a season pass to Disneyland...he's saying, "Mom, I should not be a tourist at my beloved Mickey Mouse's theme park!!"