Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The beach, swimming, and In' N 'Out.

Since my aunt, uncle, and cousins are only down for a week, Logan and I decided to play some more with them! On monday we met up with them (Nick's brothers family, George&Monique&their 3 girls, Christina, Alexis,& Natalie were there as well) at Zuma beach. The kids played in the sand for hours which was nice for me so that I could focus on the tan... (being in Washington for almost 2 years really made me white!) After several hours at the beach, we headed to Monique's parents house for a dip in their pool. The water was so warm and it was also nice to have the sand washed off of us. :) We then made our way to Moorpark to have In' N' Out. Seriously, how can you not go there after a long day of beach activities and swimming? We then headed home around 7ish. Logan loved hanging out with his (second)cousins and I was very happy to hang with my aunt and uncle and my "Greek" family!

Logan after he ate a handful of sand, Yum!?

Logan, Holly, and Christina trying to create a "pool" at the beach.

Logan trying to dig a hole, I think.

J.D. being burried in the sand.

Uncle Nick trying to show off his muscles.

Alexis, J.D. (underwater) and George relaxing in the pool.

Monique's mother and Logan.

Holly, Vicki, and Logan... second cousins!

Logan, Holly, Natalie, and Vicki- Cousins and Second Cousins.

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