Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dinner with YaYa and PaPu.

Donald, Logan and I decided to tag along with Liz, Nick and their kids to dinner. Also, Yaya and Papu came. They are Nick's parents, but I've only known them as yaya and papu (which is Greek for Grandma and Grandpa). It was a great dinner at the Steer' n Stein. Thanks again Yaya for a yummy dinner!

Vicki, Liz, J.D and Yaya

Yaya and Papu

Nick, Donald, and Logan

Holly, Kristin and Vicki


Chelsea F. said...

My parents are "Yaya" and "Papu" too. My mom grew up in Greece, plus they are easy for the kids to say ;).

Kristin said...

it is really easy for kids to say... this was the first time my son met them and he said their name on the first try... so cute!

Jake & Rachel said...

You stay so busy with family! I think it's great, it's nice to be close to family.