Sunday, July 5, 2009


This year, we headed to Valencia to hang with Donald's family for Fourth of July. Donald's uncle, Feller, had a BBQ and we also went swimming. When it started to get dark, we headed back home to watch the fireworks at the fairgrounds here in Lancaster. Unfortunately, they were not that great, but Logan loved playing in the dirt so all in all it was a great birthday party for our wonderful country!

(Logan playing with the bike in the backyard.)

(Donald's cousin, Brianna, and I sitting by the pool.)

(Heading over to watch the fireworks!)

(Daddy and Logan watching the fireworks.)


Marilee said...

Hi there Kristin. What a surprise to see your comment on my blog.

You know Kristin, everytime I hear Genie in a Bottle I think of that very first activity for YW when you girls wanted the new presidency to pretend we were rock stars. SO outside my box!

Your little boy looks like a Thomason to me. So cute when he smiles!

xanmarknayden said...

Hey girl! Mark got a call from the LAPD today! Ohhh man looks like we have a future cop on our hands! That is awesome!Hope you are doing great! we were in the tri-cities last week and were wishing we could pop ever and see you. I guess we will just have to see you in December when we come to LA for Christmas!

CdA News Editor said...

They called Mark and not me? What the heck! I hope you guys are doing well.