Sunday, July 13, 2008

Logan's NEW sleeping arrangement...

Let me start off by saying that ever since Logan was born, he has been sleeping with me. Even while we were in the hospital, he slept with me in the bed. I never let him sleep in the nursery or in his little bassinet bed that they roll the babies around in. He quite enjoyed being cuddled in between my arm and body. With that said, Yesterday, Donald and I bought Logan a crib. I know, I know, He's 6 months old and you are just now getting him a crib?! Well, Now that he's getting so big it's hard for him to sleep in between us. We (I...) wake up in the middle of the night to feed him and he's on his stomach with his head toward Donald and his legs kicking my stomach. He's just a worm in bed and I'm afraid that one of these days he's gonna roll towards Donald and Donald will be asleep and won't realize that he's there and will smash him! So we went to Target and I swindled my way into getting a good price on the crib that I like.

Last Night was the first night that we tried to put him in it. He had slept in it for about 45 minutes earlier that day during his nap, but then woke up and started to play with the bumper. So I did the routine of feeding him cereal and veggies (last night was green beans....yum) while he watched Baby Einstein. Then he took a bedtime bath and relaxed while I read him a book and sang a song. After I took him out and put his pj's on, I nursed him to sleep. This routine usually works pretty well. I got him to sleep and allowed him to lay on my chest for a little bit so that I knew he was sound asleep. I walked to our room where his crib is set up (can you say "seperation anxiety" for me... the crib is in our room.) and as I leaned over to place him in, his eyes shot wide open and he stared at me. I put his pacifer back in his mouth and held his hand. As I tried to pull away, he rolled to his belly and started to play again with the bumper. After about 5 minutes he started to complain and wanted attention. I went back and rubbed his belly. That didn't work. So I took him out and rocked him back to sleep. I put him back in the crib and wouldn't you know, his eyes opened again only this time he immedietly started to whine and complain. This went on for about 30 minutes. Sometimes I would be able to get back into bed to pull the covers over me only to have him whine. Finally it was about 10:30pm and Donald was tired and wanted to go to sleep so I nursed Logan again and decided I had enough and just layed him in between us and he slept until about 3 am. The funny part about all of this was that if I were to place him in between us, he would instantly go to sleep and when I would try to place him in his crib he would be wide awake.

Tonight we will try this whole routine over again and hopefully someday he will just stay in his bed! Wish us luck!

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