Saturday, July 19, 2008

A night out to the movies

Last night Donald, Logan and I went to a movie... in the theaters! :p We went with our friends, Keith and Melissa, for the evening showing of "Get Smart". It was a funny movie! Logan actually did pretty well. At first all he wanted to do was look at the lights on the walls and then he paid attention to some of the movie, but about half way into it, he wanted to go to sleep. And that meant that I had to stand up and rock him. Luckily I was able to watch the last 45 min.-hour while he was sleeping with no interruptions.


Ryan and Cecily said...

Kristin!!! How are you doing?? Logan is so adorable! How old is he now? We went and saw Get Smart too. We LOVED it! It was hillarious! I'm so glad you have a blog. In fact, I've tried searching on the internet in past months to see if I could find out if you had one. I'm glad you started one! I hope everything is going great for your little family. Again, Logan is soo handsome!!

Kelsi, John, Jake, & Georgia said...

Hooray for blogs! I love that you started one too. It's fun keeping up with everyone. Sounds like life is good for the three of you. Logan is adorable. I bet he's keeping you both very busy!!