Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Monday afternoon, I decided that the weather was just too nice this upcoming week to stay inside. So I called up some of Logan's friends' mommies and asked if they were interested in a beach trip the following day. They said yes, so Tuesday mid morning, we were off to the BEACH! To say that I love the beach is an understatement. I really miss living so close to it and being able to make that 15-20 drive to the beach for total relaxation.
When we arrived, we lathered ourselves in sunblock (considering we've been in solitude of our home for the past months of cold-ness), layed out the blankets and buckets and let the kids at it. Logan actually asked/told me he wanted to jump in the water... which surprised me considering last year he was terrified! So happily I walked with him to the edge of the water and let the waves get our feet wet. He had had it after about 4 waves and wanted to go back and play with his friends. The weather was so nice and I did not want to leave, but the other kidos were starting to get tired and that's when I knew it was time to leave. I could have stayed there all night! When we arrived home, Logan wanted to head back to the beach the following day. Except this time he wanted to go with "DADA". Hopefully soon the weather will be nice and we will make the trip back to my little piece of heaven!
top picture: Logan, Brittany, Michael, Anna
bottom picture: Michael, Logan

***side note: I was so worried about Logan getting burnt that I had forgotten to reapply lotion on my own arms... they are now red! :(


Cecily said...

Sigh, I am so jealous of your beach adventure! How fun!

Chelsea F. said...

So fun- I love the beach & this weather!

Christine said...

Fun in the Sun~