Friday, March 5, 2010

Logan's 1st Haircut!

Although Logan is now almost 26 months... He really needed a haircut. I didn't want to cut it because they are his baby curls and he will never have those back. :( It's obviously more emotional for me than it is for him. So, since he started looking like a beach bum, I decided to take him to get his hair cut.
He did so well sitting in the chair watching himself. I thought that he would have a melt down or something, so I made sure that Toy Story was on my phone ready for his viewing, just in case. But he didn't need it. He sat there, moved his head when needed and then when she was done cutting it, he replied to the hairdresser, "moose"! This boy LOVES product in his hair. ha ha. They gave him a certificate with a lock of his hair attached to it and a toy to take home. Afterwards, we headed to Sonic for Happy Hour and got some ice cream and a cherry limeade. He was also funny with the wind blowing... he was afraid that the wind would blow his "moohawk" away. I had to reassure him that it was staying on his head!
My little baby no longer looks like a baby. I got so teary eyed when she cut the first couple of locks that I had to take a few breaths... luckily I was able to hold it together. So here are his before and after pictures.... What do you think?


Cecily said...

Oh! He looks so much older with his hair cut, and he looks so handsome. That's so funny he thought the wind would blow his mohawk away! I love it!

deserae said...

He is so cute! Cecily is right he looks a lot older now!

Shanté said...

Kristen, he's so cute! They do grow so fast! Too fast for my liking.

Christine said...

Such a Handsome boy!