Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars 2010

Every year, Donald's family has an Oscar Party. We each get ballots to fill out and then trade and mark each others. The person with the most wins and gets to host the party the next year. I was the winner last year, so this year I was the host. For dinner we had a pot roast with potatoes, corn, veggies, rice and Hawaiian rolls. For desert, it was delicious brownies. The decorations were black, gold and silver themed. Thankfully, I was able to get the same stars that Carrie (mother-in-law) used last year, so I streamed those across the ceiling. I also got some black streamers to add to the kids play room and the dining room. Then I just went to Party City and got some "Hollywood" plates and gold utensils. Since the Oscars always run past the time it's supposed to be over, we luckily recorded it and ate so that we could fast forward through commercials. Also, Megan and her kids were running late because they were at the Alice in Wonderland movie. Each of the kids got their "swag bags" (which was a coloring book and crayons). For the adults, we get gifts based off of the Best Picture Nominees. Since there were 10 this year, I decided to only do gifts for the others and exclude Donald and myself. Whom ever had the most correct got movie tickets and some junior mints. The rest of the gifts were a little house with balloons tied to it (Up), Army men (The hurt Locker), a football and pirate eye patch (the Blind Side), and Avatar figurine (Avatar), a composition book and pencils (An Education), and finally airplanes that fly (Up in the Air). It seemed to be a success, and looks like I get to host again next year!


Christine said...

Looks like fun at the Forshee Oscar Party!

Jake & Rachel said...

That is such a fun idea! You guys go all out.